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Business & Economics in North America

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

The Peterson family farm is located in Caledonia, 75 miles outside Chicago. Like many farms, it thrived for decades and expanded in the 1960s to survive. As John Peterson approached his college years, his father unexpectedly died, leaving him in charge. Thus, John became a farmer, albeit a strange farmer, with one foot in the counterculture and the other in rich organic soil.

The Road to Happiness: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

A documentary of Henry Ford's personal life history. Newsreels, dramatic films and documentaries tell the story of this American legend from boyhood to his death in 1947. 1978. 59 min. ; NRLF B 4 175 135

The Store (1983)

This documentary studies the operation and mangement of the main department store of Neiman-Marcus headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The director observes salespeople, customers, and store executives, and shows the inner workings of the store. A film by Frederick Wiseman. c1983. 119 min. ;

Through Conflict to Negotiation.

Shows what occurs when a community action group in Rochester, N.Y., confronts the largest employer in the community on the issue of corporate responsibility and the employment of minority groups. 1968. 46 min.

Triumph of the Nerds.. (Based on the book Accidental Empires by Robert X. Cringely (HD9696.C63 U51586 1992 Bus & Econ, Moffitt, Bancroft)

Part 1: Impressing Their Friends. Covers the pioneering years of the PC revolution during the mid-1970's in Silicon Valley. Includes the Altair 8800, the Homebrew Computer Club, the West Coast Computer Faire and hippie culture, nerds and hobbyists. Steve Wozniak eventually spawns Apple II, while Steve Jobs, at 25, becomes worth $100 million. c1996. 51 min. Part 2: Riding the Bear. Explains how the PC industry came of age in the 1980s. Includes interviews with Bill Gates of Microsoft, IBM's decision to "buy, not build" PC technology, the introduction of IBM's PC into the U.S.

Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern.

A documentary of the struggle of the Jordan family in Iowa as they attempt to fight off foreclosure of their farm, land that has been in their family for 125 years. 1997. 88 min.


The Tupperware empire began with the unlikely partnership of Earl Silas Tupper, a reclusive small-town inventor, and Brownie Wise, a self-taught marketing whiz. Wise showed American women how to start up their own businesses -- based in their kitchens. Rare archival footage of Tupperware parties, annual Tupperware Jubilees, and home movies are interwoven with the thoughtful, often humorous recollections of Tupperware salespeople and executives who experienced firsthand the company's meteoric rise. c2004. 65 min.

Wage Slaves: Not Getting by in America.

Looks at five people working in low-wage jobs in Nevada, Alabama, California, and Florida who are not earning enough to support themselves or their families as the minimum wage does not cover basic needs. It compares those living at the poverty level in America with people in other countries and finds that poor Americans are in worse shape because of the cost of living. Based on the book Nickel and dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich (Morrison Rm HD4918.E375 2001; Bus & Econ HD4918.E375 2001; Soc Welfare HD4918.E375 2001 DESK). 2002. 100 min.

Working World.(Way We Live: Introduction to Sociology; 14)

Today we live in a rapidly changing economic and social climate that emphasizes the bottom line. What is the impact on society? What role does globalization play? The situtation faced by striking grocery workers illustrates some of the frustrations experienced by employees in today's changing global economy. This lesson also includes a discussion around the impact one retail giant in particular is having on workers, the economy, and the world -- Walmart. 2005. 27 min.

[Galbraith, John Kenneth] A Conversation with John Kenneth Galbraith.(Conversations)

Recorded on April 27, 1986 at the University of California, Berkeley. A conversation with John Kenneth Galbraith, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, on his ideas, his writings, liberalism, etc.