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Business & Economics in North America

Silicon Valley: Center of a Modern Renaissance

43 min. each installment 1890s-1970s. Looks back at the history of the Silicon Valley region of California from the 1890s through the 1970s from the foundation of Stanford University to the rise of the semiconductor and microprocessor industries. Talented young scientists and engineers that emerged from Stanford University quickly formed the nucleus of an electronics industry.

Some Call it Greed: A Six Decade Cavalcade

While history is often conceived of as a litany of monarchs and military figures, this provocative documentary tells the story of America as an industrial capitalist state, focusing on the deeds of the "robber barons" and their descendants, men who have had a greater influence on who and where Americans are today than any politicians and statesmen who followed in their trail. Partly based on an essay by Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr. entitled: Why is America what it is? 1977. 51 min.


This riviting documentary goes behind the scenes of the Internet gold rush to expose the human drama, cutthroat realities and painfully intimate workings of one cyber-empire from dot.com lift off to dot.bomb flameout. Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman were childhood friends, whose bright idea turned them into overnight Internet millionaires. However, like many other Internet firms, Govworks.com was not destined to succeed.

Surviving the Bottom Line. 58 min. each installment. 1998.

Running With the Bulls. Focusing on the ways the 1990s economy impacts typical Americans. This episode looks at some of America's most powerful business leaders. It includes the inside story of the Chase Manhattan-Chemical Bank merger, a profile of Mutual-fund manager, Michael Price and his battle with Chase-CEO Thomas Labrecque, and shows the corporate turnaround methods of Sunbeam's CEO Al Dunlap, critiqued by Lucent Technologies' chairman, Henry Schacht and others.

Take Stock in America: U.S. Savings Bonds 1993 Campaign.

A film which promotes the purchase of U.S. savings bonds by reviewing the history of projects funded by individual purchase of savings bonds. 8 min.

Taken for a Ride

Through archival film footage, animation and interviews follows the history of the automobile and the highway system in America. Presenting a long buried trail of auto/oil industry schemes, this documentary exposes the dummy companies, secret stock transactions and propaganda compaigns that removed one third of the nation's streetcars. Tracks were torn up overnight and bone jarring buses took the trolley's place. Scores of American cities lost their streetcars, including five of the nation's ten largest.


Program about the takeover of the Pacific Lumber Company by a large business firm from the East. The impact of the takeover is discussed by the people living and working in the company town of Scotia in Humboldt County. 1987. ; NRLF B 3 969 132

The Beauty Backlash

With it's "Real beauty" marketing campaign, the Dove brand struck a chord with women skeptical of unhealthy or absurd standards of attractiveness. This program investigates consumer reactions against the idealized images of beauty promoted by TV, movies, and glossy magazines, while exploring the complex relationship between corporate strategy and feminine self-esteem. What are the implications for the global cosmetics and fashion industries?

The Big Mac Under Attack

Hungry consumers in America and abroad are losing their appetite for the world's largest fast food company and are seeking healthy alternatives such as Subway. Is McDonald's a brand on the verge of collapse, or can it be revitalized? McDonald's accepts that there are problems, but is determined to fix them. The plan? More customers, more often. c2004. 38 min.

The Big One

Michael Moore armed only with a camera and a sharp sense of humor is searching America's heartland for an executive who will respond to the question: If Fortune 500 companies are posting record-setting profits, why do they continue laying off thousands of workers? Written and directed by Michael Moore. 1997. 90 min.