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Business & Economics in North America

Floored: For Some, Risking Everything is Nothing

This documentary captures the waning heyday of the Chicago Trading Pits and tells the bizarre and gripping stories of the traders -- 'overgrown kids with money, brains, and a pathological need to release stress' whose chaotic, audacious, and thrill-seeking way of life has all but vanished with the recent shift toward automated computerized stock trading. Directed by James Allen Smith.

Google: Behind the Screen

To organize the world's information--that appears to be Google's aim. What does such a goal involve, exactly? What are the implications for academia and creative people? For business, the media, and society at large? This program seeks answers to those questions by going behind the scenes at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, as well as the company's London offices. A conversation with Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer and Google's "Chief Internet Evangelist," sheds light on search engine innovations and Google's role in advancing them.

High Tech, Dream or Nightmare?

Host Walter Cronkite explores the impact of advanced microchip technology on the labor force in the United States. Discusses unemployment, the obsolescence of worker skills, and low wages. 3/4" UMATIC. 1984. 49 min.

Hot Coffee

From the infamous case of the woman who sued McDonalds over spilled coffee to the saga of the Mississippi Supreme Court Justice deemed 'not corporate enough' by business interests, this program tears apart the conventional wisdom about 'frivolous lawsuits' analyzing the impact of tort reform on the United States judicial system. Discusses several cases and relates each to tort reform in the U.S.: Liebeck v.

How Unequal Can America Get Before We Snap?

Author and political theorist Robert Reich discusses the political implications of the widening inequality of income, wealth and opportunity in America. The gap is wider now than it's been since the 1920s, yet the nation seems unable or unwilling to reverse these trends. What happens if these trends continue? Will they "naturally" reverse themselves or will America get to the point where disparities are so wide that we finally find the political will to take action?


Tells the story of America in debt. Faced with key deficits in budget, savings, trade and leadership, increased foreign competition and ballooning financial obligations, the federal government is critically overextended. With the economy already in shambles, 78 million baby boomers are now expecting retirement benefits from their indebted federal government. Weaving together archival footage, economic data and candid interviews with Warren Buffett, Alan Greenspan, Paul O'Neill, Robert Rubin, Alice Rivlin and Paul Volcker, along with David Walker of the Peter G.

In Search of Excellence

A documentary, shot on location in several of America's most successful companies, which looks at examples of successful management in large and small companies. Focuses on the major themes of innovation, productivity through people, shared values, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and tells how companies have benefited from their use. Examples include IBM, 3M, McDonald's, Apple Computer, Walt Disney Productions and others. Based on the book by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. 1985. 88 min.

Judith Williamson Consuming Passionately in Southern California

Demonstrates the effects of multi-national capitalism's expansion on the market with socks being an example and emphasises the role of ads. This video looks at the communications industry via the print media. Dist.: Paper Tiger Television. 1991. 28 min.

Knock Off (Die Rache am Logo = Contrefacons : la vengeance ou logo)

A documentary on product counterfeiting in New York City and the underground economy of people who resist the globalized culture of brands, by using branding against itself. Along the way meet corporate lawyers and anti-sweatshop activists, girly-girls searching for the perfect handbag, and immigrants selling knocked off merchandise.

Life on the Internet

13 part series; 1997. 27 minutes each. Accompanying guide under call number: -5920 Digital Doctors. Commentary: Dr. Chris Soder, Dr. Ivan Goldberg, Abbie Offman, Kevin Hughes, Peter Sultan, Benjamin Bailey. The medical profession has discovered the Internet as a powerful tool to speed diagnosis and exchange treatment plans. One doctor has even discovered a whole new condition, Internet Addictive Disorder--what can happen if one spends too much time on the Internet. HollyNet. Commentary: Josh Greer (Universal Pictures), Paul Grand (Digital Planet).