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Business & Economics in Europe & The Soviet Union/States

Banking on Hitler

Swiss banks are accused of collaborating with the Nazis during World War II, but U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, who began investigating this collaboration also found that both British and American bankers continued to do business with Hitler, even as Germany was invading Europe and bombing London. This investigative film shows in detail the roles played by the Anglo-German banking clique.

Czech Dream (Cesky sen)

Documents the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic has ever seen. Filip Remunda and Vit Klusack, two of Eastern Europe's most promising young documentary filmmakers, set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for a super store that didn't exist. The advertising campaign includes radio and television ads, posters, flyers with photos of fake Czech Dream products, a promotional song, an internet site, and ads in newspapers and magazines. Will people believe in it and show up for the grand opening?

Der VW Komplex.

A documentary about the Volkswagen Company and the VW Beetle automobile "created for the broad cross section of the general public" as announced by Hitler. This film includes extensive views of the interiors of Volkswagen factories and the process of manufacturing the automobile against the backdrog of the history of Germany, labor history, the development of the German automobile industry and the eventual international market for the VW bug.1989. 90 min.

The Benetton Story

Film goes behind the scenes in the family-owned Italian clothing firm that has been considered one of the world's most successful companies to examine the reasons for its success, its controversial advertising campaign, and its prospects for the future. 1993. 38 min.

The Day of Empires Has Arrived(Europe, The Mighty Continent. 2)

Deals with the forces of unrest that threatened the empires in the early 1900's, including the theories of Marx and Engels in Europe, the oppression in the Colonies, and revolutionaries in Russia. Also shows how the Fauvists of Paris and Berlin characterized, through their art, the century's chaotic first decade. 1993. 52 min.

The History of the European Monetary Union

Presents the history of the European Monetary Union, the unification timetable up to 2002, the convergence criteria, and the coins and banknotes themselves; provides background on the euro member states and the European Central Bank; examines the impact of the Euro on world trade, the job market, and tourism; analyzes the euro's role in international monetary transactions; compares the euro to the dollar; and discusses the hopes and fears of the new citizens of "Euroland". 1999. 60 min.

Ties & Tensions: EU-US Relations in the Next Century

Describes the continuing process of European union and how globalization of trade and communications will change life on both sides of the Atlantic. The impact of the Eurodollar on international trade is discussed along with case studies of Boeing (Seattle), Airbus Industrie, Intel (Ireland) and Mercedes-Benz (Alabama) to demonstrate the nature of European-American rivalry and partnerships in both the economic and political spheres. Includes interviews with a variety of legislators, economists, business leaders and workers.1996. 27 min.