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Black Cast Films

Sunday Sinners (1940)

Directed by Arthur Dreifuss. Cast: Mamie Smith,Edna Mae Harris, Alex Lovejoy, Christole Williams,Norman Astwood, Earl Sydnor, Thelma Norton. In thisall black cast musical feature, gangsters frame aminister's son for robbery and murder but thecongregation of his father's church help prove hisinnocence. 65 min. ;Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase
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Swing! (1938)

Directed by Oscar Micheaux. Cast: Cora Green,Hazel Diaz, Carmen Newsome, Dorothy Van Engle, AlecLovejoy, Larry Seymour, Mandy Randolph. A musicalwith plot built around the music which is performedfrom Alabama to New York (Harlem). Ted Gregory istrying to become the first black producer to mounta show on Broadway but his star singer is gettingin the way. When the singer breaks her leg in anaccident, a wardrobe girl for Gregory steps up tofill in for the injured star. 78 min.

Ten Minutes to Live (1932)

Directed by Oscar Micheaux. Cast: LaurenceChenault, A.B. Comathiere, Laura Bowman, Willor LeeGuilford, Tressie Mitchell. A mystery-musical builtaround a threatening note which gives the heroineonly "ten minutes to live." The heroine sings anddances in a Harlem nightclub. Much nightclubbusiness as the mystery unravels with song anddance numbers and a stand up comedy routine.

That's Black Entertainment, Part I: Celebrating Legendary Black Actors.

Showcases the groundbreaking work of AfricanAmerican talent during the early years of Blackcinema. Footage is from the 1920s through the1950s. Dedicated to those performers whose talentshave transcended the ages; Paul Robeson, one of thefirst stars of independent Black cinema; OscarMicheaux, who made nearly 50 independent movies;Black film director Spencer Williams Jr. is alsohighlighted. 2002. 217 min.

That's Black Entertainment, Part I: Race Movies: The Early History of Black Cinema with Three Original Short Films

The first film, Race movies, explores theinvolvement of black filmmakers in filmmaking fromits earliest days through the 1920s, withparticular emphasis on the work of James WeldonJohnson, Oscar Micheaux, and Richard D. Maurice.Focus is on the movies that were made andproduction companies that produced them, includingthe Lincoln Motion Picture Company of Los Angeles,Micheaux Pictures Corporation and the Norman FilmManufacturing Company. Concludes with three shortsthat were shown in movie houses prior to featurepresentations.

That's Black Entertainment, Part II: Celebrating Legendary Black Westerns

Explores the Black underground film industryfeaturing footage from the 1920s through the 1950s.Features respected western actor Bill Pickett, whostarred in the firest Black western, "The bulldogger" in 1921. Also represented is HerbertJeffries, also know as The Bronze Buckaroo and thefirst cinematic Black cowboy star. 2002. 144 min.

That's Black Entertainment, Part II: The Soundies Era: Black music videos from the 1940's

A vintage collection of sixteen three-minutemusic videos called "Soundies" which wereoriginally screened on a visual jukebox calledPanorams during the 1940s. Includes many of thebiggest names in Afro-American music and film.Contents: Hey Lawdy Mama / June Richmond, RoyMilton -- Take me back, baby / Count Basie -- Someof These Days / Maxine Sullivan -- Beat Me, Daddy /Maurice Rocco -- Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't MyBaby?

That's Black Entertainment, Part III: Celebrating Legendary Black Comedians

Intriguing view of the underground Black filmindustry in the early 1900s. Featuring footage fromthe 1920s through the 1950s. Offers a pricelesscollection of unique performances by Black legends.2002. 189 min.

The Black King (Harlem Hot Shot) (1932)

Directed by Bud Pollard. Cast: A.B. Comathiers,Vivianne Baker, Knolly Mitchell, Dan Michaels,Mary Jane Watkins, Harry Gray, Mike Jackson,Lorenzo Tucker, Trixie Smith. this film is oneof the earliest films to focus on "The Back toAfrica" movement. Made by an independentwhite-owned company, this film was billed as asatire on the life of Marcus Garvey. 70 min.
Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database
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The Blood of Jesus (1941)

Directed by Spencer Williams. Cast: SpencerWilliams, Cathryn Caviness, Heavenly Choir,Juanita Riley, James B. Jones, Frank H.McClennan, Eddue DeBuse, Rogenia Goldthwaite,Reather Hardeman, Alva Fuller. Concerns theaccidental shooting of a woman and of the faithin Jesus that brings her back. As she liesdying, her soul goes on a symbolic journey inwhich it rejects Hell for Zion, Satan for God,at the foot of the cross. When she awakensrecovered, the choir of sisters and brothersfrom the church come in to sing and celebratethe miracle.