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Black Cast Films

Rare Black Short Subjects: The Negro inIndustry, Sports & Entertainment

Newsreels from All American News (9 min): UrbanLeague delves into labor situation. Students makelowly mud a thing of beauty. Valet to F.D.R. tellsof historic journeys. Meet a bear in Memphis zoo.Unloading supplies at Nettuno Beach, Italy.Tuskegee offers fine physical fitness course. Negrocomedy act. -- Negro in industry (11 min.) --Kilroy is here (9 min.) -- Negro in sports (10min.) -- Negro in entertainment (11 min.). Programsand newsreel footage produced in the 1940'shighlighting the accomplishments of AfricanAmericans, particularly in industry, sports andentertainment.

Rhapsodies in Black & Blue Hollywoodrhythm: Paramount Musical Shorts; 4.

Eight odd-ball mini-musicals produced in theearly years of sound film production. Cary Grantmakes his film debut as a sailor cruising the FarEast. Louis Armstrong dons outlandish leopard-skinattire to stand knee-deep in soap bubbles. A manicEddie Cantor undergoes a balmy medical exam whilein another film a medical check-up by Dr. RudyVallee and nurse Mae Questel finds musicaldeficiencies to be the root of all ills.

Scar of Shame (1927)

Directed by Frank Peregini. The Colored PlayersFilm Co. produced films during the 1920's, thegolden years of silent films. "The primeachievement of the Colored Players was this film,shot with a sure feeling for editing andcomposition the film compares with the bestHollywood product of its time. The film's storyexamines caste and class within the black communitytelling of a love affair between a music student ofgood social standing and the daughter of aworking-class drunkard.

Sepia Cinderella (1947)

Directed by Arthur H. Leonard Cast: SheilaGuyse, Billy Daniel, Tondaleyo, FreddieBartholomew, Dick Watson and Brown Doc's, JohnKirty's Band, Leonardo and Zola, Apocs &Estrellita, Welter Fuller's Orchestra. In this allblack cast musical romance a poor dancer mustcompete with a rich lady for the man she loves. Theman, a famous singer, leaves his beloved to pursuehis career and the high life. Eventually hediscovers there is more to life than a place insociety and returns to his singer/girlfriend. 70min.

Siren of the Tropics (La Sirene destropiques) (France, 1927)

Directed by Henri Etievant, Mario Nalpas. Cast:Josephine Baker, Pierre Batcheff, Georges Melchior,Regina Dalthy. Papitou is a free-spirited,animal-loving native girl who falls in love withAndre, a sophisticated young man who has been sentto the Parisian Antilles as a prospector. She isunaware that he is betrothed to another, or thathis work assignment is actually a perilous ruseconcocted by his scheming boss. As the truthbecomes known, Papitou finds herself pursuing Andreback to Paris. 87 min.

Small Steps, Big Strides

This tribute celebrates African American silverscreen legends. Included are interviews and rarefootage documenting the kinds of roles black actorswere first given, the challenges these performersmet, and the real behind-the-scenes story of theiracceptance and triumphs in Hollywood.

Song of Freedom (1936)

Directed by J. Elder Wills. Cast: Paul Robeson,Elizabeth Welch, Robert Adams, Orlando Martins,James Solomon, Toto Ware. Robeson portrays asuccessful concert singer in England who discovershe is the descendant of a West African queen whosetribe is now in need of a leader. He returns to thehome of his ancestors; the island of Casanga offthe coast of Africa. However, following his arrivalconflict erupts over his claim to royalty. 80 min.;Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase

Souls of Sin (1949)

Directed by Powell Lindsay. Cast: WilliamGreaves, Jimmy Wright, Emory Richardson, BillieAllen, Savannah Churchill, Powell Lindsay. Amusician from Alabama moves into a small Harlemflat with a gambler and an unemployed writer. Themusician works his way into a successful job, butthe gambler gets killed. The writer is then hiredto write about the the gambler's life and life inHarlem. A film produced by blacks for a blackaudience. 65 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase

Spirit of Youth (1938)

Directed by Harry L. Fraser. Cast: Joe Louis,Edna Mae Harris, Mantan Moreland, Mae Turner,Clarence Muse, The Big Apple Dancers. Worldheavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis stars inSpirit of Youth. Often mistakenly referred to as abiography of Louis, the film is actually thefictional story of aspiring boxer Joe Thomas, whohopes to make millions in the ring. He does, but asa consequence falls into the hands of a predatorynightclub singer. Only after the femme fatalestomps on Joe's heart does he return to hisvirginal childhood sweetheart.

Step Children (1937)

Director Oscar Micheaux. Film deals with alight-skinned African-American orphan whorefuses to acknowledge her race. 65 min. 65min.
Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database