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Banned & Censored Films

1900 (Novecento) (France / Italy, 1976)

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Cast: Robert De Niro, Gerard Depardieu, Dominique Sanda, Donald Sutherland, Burt Lancaster. An epic film that is both a history of 20th century Italy and a portrait of two families. It is also the story of the conflicts between two boys, one a peasant and the other a landowner, as they pass through the upheavals of the modern world. 255 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

Director, Otto Preminger. Cast: James Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazzara, George C. Scott. A riverting courtroom drama of rape and premiditated murder. The film pits a humble small-town lawyer against a hardheaded big-city prosecutor. Emotions flare as a jealous army lieutenant pleads innocent to murdering the rapist of his seductive, beautiful wife. Based on the novel by Robert Traver (Main (Gardner) Stacks; Moffitt PS3570.R339 A5 1958) 61 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database.

Angel Heart (1987)

Directed by Alan Parker. Cast: Mickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling. A journey of violence and murder that canvasses the streets of Harlem, the jazz clubs of New Orleans, and voodoo rituals in the swamps of Louisiana. From the novel "Falling angel" by William Hjortsberg. 98 min. Online Access through LFLFC.  Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Arabian Nights (Il Fiore delle mille e una notte) (Italy / France, 1974)

Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Cast: Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti, Margaret Clementi, Tessa Bouche, Ines Pellegrini, Franco Merli. The tale follows the adventures of a slave girl as she rises to power over a great city. Around her revolve the stories of magic and lust, mystery and fantasy that derive from three cultures (Persia, Egypt and India) and range from the ninth century to the Renaissance. 133 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Cannes Film Festival - Special Jury Prize

Baby Doll (1956)

Director, Elia Kazan. Cast: Karl Malden, Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach, Mildred Dunnock, Lonny Chapman. Archie has only one real joy in life: his child-bride Baby Doll. In a few hours he will really have her, because the one-year marriage agreement that has kept them under the same leaky roof--but never in the same bed--is about to run out. 115 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

Directed by Russ Meyer. Cast: Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers, Marcia McBroom, John La Zar, Michael Blodgett, David Gurian, Edy Williams. Story of an uninhibited all-girl rock group who travel to Hollywood to claim an inheritance and meet a kinky music promoter who turns them on to a whole new scene. Based on a story by Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer.

Birth of a Nation (1915)

Directed by D.W. Griffith. Cast: Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Henry Walthall, Miriam Cooper, Mary Alden, Ralph Lewis, George Seigmann, Walter Long. Adapted from Thomas Dixon's novel, The Clansman. A Civil War spectacular, Portraying "life in the South" during and after the Civil War as revealed in a story depicting the war itself, the conflict between the defeated Southerners and emancipated renegade Negroes, the despoiling of the South during the carpetbagger period, and the revival of the Southern white man's honor through the efforts of the Ku Klux Klan.124 min.

Blackboard Jungle (1955)

Directed by Richard Brooks. Cast: Glenn Ford, Anne Francis, Louis Calhern, Margaret Hayes, Sidney Poitier, Vic Morrow. Film about life in an inner city high school in the 50's that was the first to utilize a rock 'n' roll soundtrack. A dedicated young teacher soon loses his idealism when he has to deal with the tensions that threaten to destroy his classroom. Online Access through LFLFC ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Blue Valentine (2010)

Directed by Derek Cianfrance. Cast: Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling, Faith Wladyka, John Doman, Mike Vogel. An honest, moving and uninhibited love story. The uncompromising portrait of Dean and Cindy, a young married couple who have grown apart, taking one night away from their daughter to try to save their relationship. 114 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
NC-17Rated NC-17 for a scene of explicit sexual content.

Brewster's Millions (1945)

Directed by Allan Dwan. Cast: Dennis O'Keefe, Helen Walker, June Havoc, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. A soldier returns from war to marry his girl and is informed that he has inherited 8 million dollars, but there are stipulations. He must spend $1 million of that money in less than two months before his 30th birthday in order to inherit the rest. But since he cannot tell anyone about him spending the money as part of the agreement, everyone thinks that Brewster has flipped when he practically knocks himself out on a spending spree. 79 min.