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Art in Latin America & The Caribbean

9 Artists of Puerto Rico (Nueve artistas de Puerto Rico)

A visit to the studios of Puerto Rico's most prominent contemporary artists including Lorenzo Homar, Julio Rosado del Valle, Olga Albizu, Rafael Villamil, Rafael Ferrer, Julio Micheli, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Edgardo Franceshi, and Jose Alicea. 1970. 16 min.

Art and Revolution-- Mexico

Nowhere but in Mexico has history been painted as superbly; nowhere else have outspokenly polemical painters, like Rivera and Siqueiros, produced such great art. The art of revolution and the revolution of art seem, in this time and place, to have nurtured one another. For in Latin America, art and literature are the shared possessions of all social and educational levels. Originally produced as a motion picture in 1982. 51 min.

Art of Haiti: The Primitive Painters

Explores Haiti's modern art movement, a fusion of Haiti's African roots, French Colonial past and present day coexistence of voodoo and Catholicism. Juxtaposes scenes of contemporary Haiti with paintings of such artists as Rigaud Renoit, Andre Pierre, and Hector Hippolite. c1983. 26 min.

Arte Religioso.

A documentary on Christian art and how it has influenced the culture of Argentina. VHS format (PAL) In Spanish without subtitles. 199-? 23 min.

Between Light and Shadow: Maya Women in Transition.

Interviews with Mayan women artists who work to preserve Mayan culture, improve the lives of the Mayan people and promote a Maya presence in their community. Includes Mayan folk art in the form of woven textiles and embroidery and contemporary paintings. 1997. 26 min.

El Corazon Sangrante (The Bleeding Heart)

Several Mexican, Cuban, and Chicano visual artists and two performing artists are interviewed, and their work is discussed with particular reference to the image of the bleeding heart, which has been a significant symbol throughout centuries of Latin American culture. In Spanish and English, with subtitles in the opposite language. c1991. 45 min.

Latin American Women Artists, 1915-1995

Features the work of important artists of the recent past, like Brazil's Tarsila do Amaral and Mexico's Maria Izquierdo and Frida Kahlo. Includes recent interviews with living artists such as Colombian painter Fanny Sanin, Chilean multi-media artist Soledad Salame, Venezuelan sculptor Elba Damast and Cuban multi-media artist Maria Campos Pons. "Latin American Women Artists 1915-1995" gives a comprehensive history of art made by women working in "La America Latina" throughout the twentieth century.

Si Jose at Si Andres: An Open Letter to the Filipino Artists on Rizal and Bonifacio from Claro M. Recto.

A presentation on the lives of two filipine poets, Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal, who became national heroes as revolutionary leaders in the Revolution of 1896. Includes interviews with noted filipino artistic and theatrical personalities who comment on the political and artistic legacy of these leaders and on current day theatrical productions based on their lives. In English and Tagalog. 199?. 28 min.

Tecnicas noestructurales vuelven al Peru

Resist techniques and the use of natural dyes in the production of textiles, a major component of the Andean textile tradition, disappeared upon the arrival of the Spanish and the imposition of European concepts of aesthetics. This documentary examines the return of nonstructural resist techniques in textile production in Peru in recent years. Presented at the Colour Congress, May 19-21, 2002 in Ames, Iowa. 13 min.

The Rebellion of the Santos (La rebelion de los Santos)

Presents the carved wooden images of saints made in Puerto Rico in the 18th and 19th centuries. Text extracted from the book of the same title by Marta Traba. Filmed in the Museum of Santos, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 198?. 15 min.