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Art History & Practice

Digital Photography. The Camera

Introduction -- F-stops & shutter speeds -- Digital history -- How digital works -- Choosing a digital camera -- Using your digital camera -- Files & memory -- Using light -- Digital photo lenses -- Depth of field -- When to use digital -- Exposure control -- Your digital images -- Digital pathways. Digital photography is changing the way photographers create images with a new sense of imagination. This introductory educational film presents the fundamentals of the digital camera. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2003. 85 min.

Digital Photography. The Darkroom

Introduction -- Computers -- Digital pathways -- Scanning images -- Image resolution -- Darkroom software -- Using darkroom software -- Printers, paper & ink -- Working with image files -- The finishing room. The starting point for learning the fundamentals of digital image manipulation. Starts with photo input to creation and correction to output and storage. Includes key concepts list, digital darkroom glossary, and quick quiz. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2004. 100 min.

Dokumentarische Filme, 1931-1933

Directed by Ella Bergmann-Michel. Since 1920 artist, photographer, and filmmaker Ella Bergmann-Michel lived and worked at the "Schmelz", an old paint mill near Frankfurt on Main. With guests such as Kurt Schwitters and Laˇszlał Moholy-Nagy the house became an important locale for modern artists. Between 1931 and 1933 she made five silent documentary films that constitute a rare example of socially involved and equally artistic film. The DVD contains these five films, a documentary film about the artist and a comprehensive booklet with essays on Ella Bergmann-Michel's films.


In this documentary filmmaker Jia Zhangke travels with modern realist Chinese painter Liu Xiao-dong to locations in the Three Gorges Dam area where he paints a quintych (5 large connecting mural paintings) of 11 sturdy demolition workers. The scene then shifts to Bangkok, Thailand where painter Liu poses 11 young women in languorous poses around bedding and pillows in a parallel situation to the Chinese workers. 2006. 70 min.

Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia.

This is a journey to the scarred heartlands and lush mangroves of Australia to see traditional Aboriginal artists at work. Explores the meaning and legends behind works of immense beauty, ranging from acrylic dot paintings of the Central Desert to cross hatched bark paintings and burial poles from Northern Australia. c1988. 30 min.
web web sites:Description from First Run Icarus catalog

Eadweard Muybridge: Motion Studies.

Eadweard Muybridge was one of the most preeminent and innovative photographers of his day. This computer interactive software contains over 900 plates from his pioneering photographic studies of movement. Includes hypertext computer software which allows animation of images and navigation of textual and graphic database. 1990. 30 min.

Edward James: Builder of Dreams

A journey into the world of the Surrealists as the life and accomplishments of the surrealist collector, poet, and architect Edward James unfolds. For the last 20 years of his life, aided by 40 fulltime laborers and draftsmen, he built one of the biggest and yet least known architectural monuments of the 20th century, dedicated to Surrealism and hidden in the jungles of Mexico. c1995. 58 min.

El Corazon Sangrante (The Bleeding Heart)

Several Mexican, Cuban, and Chicano visual artists and two performing artists are interviewed, and their work is discussed with particular reference to the image of the bleeding heart, which has been a significant symbol throughout centuries of Latin American culture. In Spanish and English, with subtitles in the opposite language. c1991. 45 min.

Enterprise: Venture and Process in Contemporary Art

Features an international group of artists who circumvent conventional methods of art production and explore new strategies of presentation. Interviews with the artists and curator were filmed during the installation process. Artists in the exhibition: Vanessa Beecroft (Italy), Liam Gillick (England), Henrietta Lehtonen (Finland), Fabrice Hybert (France), Eran Schaerf (Israel), Rirkrit Tiravanija (Thailand/USA) and Pae White (USA). Accompanies an exhibition held at the ICA July 22-Sept. 28, 1997. 18 min.

Environmental Art: Working with the Elements.

Presents historic and contemporary environmental art including segments on Nazca, Stonehenge, Carl Andre, Herbert Bayer, LeAnn Bartok, Walter de Maria, Nancy Holt, Patricia Johanson, Penny Kaplan, Richard Long, David Nash, Cynthia Oatman, Beverly Pepper, Carolee Thea, James Turrell, and John Willenbecher. c1990. 16 min.