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Art History & Practice

Art of the Western World: Realism and Impressionism/Post-Impressionism.

Contrasts Courbets treatment of subjects from everyday life with the innovations and techniques used by the impressionists. Examines the impressionists characteristic concern with color and changing light and contrasts this with the very individualistic visions of the postimpressionists. Features experts John House and Griselda Pollack. 1989. 30 min.
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Art of the Western World: Rome and Florence, The Artist As Genius/Venice, Pleasure and Power.

Covers key aspects of the High Remaissance, including the advent of the artist as genius (Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael), the rise of Rome as a center of artistic vitality, and Venetian preoccupation with the quality of light (Giorgione and Titian). Also examines the social turbulence of the late sixteenth century and the reinterpretation of classical architectural principles. Features experts Kathlenn Weil-Garris Brandt and Colin Eisler. 1989. 30 min.
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Art of the Western World: Shattering the Myths/New, Newer, Newest.

Examines why the appearance of abstract expression caused the United States to become a center for the visual arts. Reviews the diversity of styles in the postwar period, including the work of Pollock, Warhol, Oldenburg. Also examines the explosive internationalization of the art world in the 1970s and 1980s. Features experts Rosalind Krauss, Germano Celant, and Clement Greenberg. 1989. 30 min.
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Art of the Western World: The Baroque in Italy and Austria/The Baroque in Spain and the Netherlands.

Examines the divergent themes of the baroque period, including a new emotional appeal as seen in Bernini's The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, Caravaggio's naturalism, Velasquez's multilayered works, and the rise of bourgeois values as seen in Rembrandt's works. Features experts Irving Lavin and Simon Schama. 1989. 30 min.
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Art of the Western World: The Classical Ideal/Imperial Stones of Rome.

Traces the origins of humanism and much of Western art to ancient Greece. Discusses Kouroi and Korai figures and the architecture of the Parthenon. Identifies Roman art as inherently political art that concentrated on technical sophistication and detail. Traces the decline of humanistic values in the late antique period where classical themes and forms were adapted to serve Christian purposes. Features art experts John Boardman and Richard Brilliant. 1989. 30 min.
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Art of the Western World: The Early Renaissance in Florence/The Early Renaissance in Northern Europe.

Covers the revival and reinterpretation of the classical tradition in the works of Florentine artists Masaccio, Donatello, and Ghiberti. Discusses how these artists exemplify the merging of Christian and humanistic values. Examines the realism of Jan van Eyck and the spiritual crisis of northern Europe as revealed in Gruenwald's Isenheim altarpiece. Also discusses the spirit of the Renaissance as reflected in Albrecht Durer's work. Features experts John White and Colin Eisler. 1989. 30 min.

Art Safari

In Art safari, art geek Ben Lewis travels the world in search of great contemporary art - and art that might be great. A playful series of eight films that are both analytical adventures and adventurous analyses. Stopping at nothing to probe the minds of the world's most interesting, imaginative and insane artists, Ben navigates bravely through the art world's phalanxes of dealers, collectors and critics - and in the process discovers extraordinary works of art. Contents: Disc 1.

Art to Art: Expressions by Asian American Women

Asian-American women artists Pacita Abad, Yong Soon Min, Hung Liu and Barbara Takenaga, in separate segments each discuss, and show examples of their work. c1993. 30 min.

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Arte Religioso.

A documentary on Christian art and how it has influenced the culture of Argentina. VHS format (PAL) In Spanish without subtitles. 199-? 23 min.

Artists at Work: A Film on the New Deal Art Projects

An in-depth survey of the federal programs for support of visual artists during the depression. Several artists recount experiences with WPA's art project and other programs. Shows works of art created during the New Deal era and discusses the destruction and loss of many works of art produced then. Producer and director, Mary Lance. 1981. 35 min.