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Art History & Practice

American Visions: The Republic of Virtue.

Examines some of the first images made in America which resemble ancient ones. Jefferson and the founding fathers felt that classicism gave the young nation power and authority. In Washington, D.C. architects adopted and transformed the classical style to serve a new, democratic ideal. Hughes explores the work of artists and architects, Benjamin West, John S. Copley, Charles W. Peale, Thomas Cole and Charles Bulfinch. Written & presented by Robert Hughes. 1997. 58 min

American Visions: The Wilderness and the West.

As majestic primal America fosters the idea of landscape as God's fingerprint, landscape painting holds deep religious and patriotic connotations. Soon, the belief in Manifest Destiny is embodied in art. Traveling from Yellowstone to the Hudson Valley, Hughes explores the artists Thomas Cole, John Audubon, Albert Bierstadt, John Gast, Currier & Ives, Emanuel Leutze, George Catlin, Frederick Church, Frederic Remington, Thomas Noran and William Jackson.

Art 21 (Season Five)

Through in-depth profiles and dynamic behind-the-scenes footage featuring artists speaking directly about their inspirations and ideas, Season Five shows a broad range of artistic practice, technical innovation, and experimentation, from artists tackling large-scale collaborative projects in hangar-like studios to those working in the quiet of more intimate studio settings.

Art 21 (Season Four)

Meet contemporary artists at work and speaking in their own words - direct, accessible, and unfiltered.. this unique television series spotlights 17 artists working in the United States today, and invites viewers behind the scenes to see artists at work in their homes, communities, and unexpected sites - from an old-growth forest to a military base to a film set. The artists, including painters, photographers, sculptors, and video artists, demonstrate the breadth of artistic practice across the country.

Art 21 (Season One)

Artists: Laurie Anderson, Matthew Barney, Louise Bourgeois, Michael Ray Charles, Mel Chin, Ann Hamilton, Margaret Kilgallen, Beryl Korot, Barbara Kruger, Maya Lin, Sally Mann, Kerry James Marshall, Barry McGee, Bruce Nauman, Pepon Osorio, Richard Serra, Shahzia Sikander, James Turrell, William Wegman, Andrea Zittel.

Art 21 (Season Three)

Go behind the scenes to meet today's most fascinating contemporary artists in Season Three of this Emmy-nominated television documentary series. Presenting unparalleled in access to 18 of today's young American artists, this unique series takes viewers into artists' studios, homes, and communities to provide an intimate view of their lives, work, creative processes, and sources of inspiration.

Art 21 (Season Two)

A unique television series presenting 16 diverse artists working in the United States today, taking viewers behind the scenes--and beyond the museum or gallery experience--into artists' studios, homes, and communities to provide an intimate view of their lives, work, creative processes, and sources of inspiration. Themes provide a connective thread between profiles of three to five artists per program.

Art and Revolution-- Mexico

Nowhere but in Mexico has history been painted as superbly; nowhere else have outspokenly polemical painters, like Rivera and Siqueiros, produced such great art. The art of revolution and the revolution of art seem, in this time and place, to have nurtured one another. For in Latin America, art and literature are the shared possessions of all social and educational levels. Originally produced as a motion picture in 1982. 51 min.

Art City

Many artists use the pain, exhilaration and resolution of private desires to express themselves in their art. This documentary focuses on intense personalities who've used their art to explore the emotional impact, or dark humor of psychological truths. The film also plumbs issues that affect artists -- preoccupations of startling universality -- like community, motivation and controversy, finding one's audience, and just "getting it right." Artists: Louise Bourgeois, Michael Ray Charles, Elizabeth Peyton, Ed Ruscha, Lari Pittman, Richmond Burton, David Deutsch, Dave Hickey, Marcia Tucker.

Art City: Making it in Manhattan

Featuring: Louise Bourgeois, Brice Marden, Chuck Close, Neil Jenney, Elizabeth Murray, Ashley Bickerton, Gary Simmons. Artists, along with collectors and dealers, bring to life the art capital of the world, New York. Mixing some of the most famous American names with the newest this film moves into lofts, studios and galleries for intimate scenes of artists at work as they discuss inspiration, aesthetic issues, the meaning of success, and how they overcame hardship to pursue a lifetime in art. 1996. 58 min.