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Ancient & Early Architecture & Building

A White Garment Of Churches.

Examines Romanesque and Gothic churches as evidence of the values of the societies that created them. Shows the affect of monasticism and pilgrimage on Romanesque church architecture. Uses Gislebertus's sculpture at St. Lazare in Autun to show the medieval focus on heaven and the afterlife. The Gothic architecture, sculpture, and stained glass at St. Denis and Chartres are discussed as evidence of a new theology and profound social changes during the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries. Features experts Paul Crossley, William Clark, and Anne Prache.

Architectural Wonders

A ranked selection of ten architectural wonders in the world today. Includes the criteria used to select the architectural wonders and then describes each selection. The film begins with the tenth ranked structure and counts back to the top ranked number one. Contents: #10 Fallingwater (Pa.) -- #9 Machu Picchu -- #8 Empire State Building -- #7 Acropolis of Athens -- #6 Roman Coliseum -- #5 Brooklyn Bridge -- #4 Eiffel Tower -- #3 Taj Mahal -- #2 Great Wall of China -- #1 Pyramids of Giza. 1999. 50 min.

Borobudur: Beyond the Reach of Time

Dating from a thousand years ago -- four centuries before the great Gothic cathedrals of Euorope -- the Buddhist temple of Borobudur stands in Java, a 400 feet square terraced pyramid festooned wth stone carvings and reliefs and featuring five hundred figures of Buddha. This documentary describes the history of Borobudur, and the current effort to clean, restore and renew this structure. 1983. 31 min.

Capitalising Paris.

Paris has an urban plan and architectural style that has been emulated by other cities since the 17th century. Focusing on the great expansion and development which took place in the 16th and 17th centuries, this film explores how the city changed and grew: its buildings, streets, squares and the history behind the changes. 1995. 58 min.


Presents an animated tale about a fictional thirteenth-century fortress and town built by King Edward I to subdue the rebellious Welsh. Dramatizes the building of the structure and portrays the lifestyle of the castle's inhabitants. Includes some live action sequences. 1983. 58 min.


Follows planning and construction of a Gothic cathedral in the imaginary French town of Beaulieu during the 13th century. 1985. Host, David Macaulay. 58 min.

Cathedrale De Reims.

Examines the history and artistry of the Reims Cathedral including stone sculptures dating from the 13th century, royal history connected to the cathedral, Henri Deneux's reconstruction of the roof, film footage from World War I, twelve generations ofstained glass window artists, and a view of the cathedral as seen by painters across the centuries. 1991. 50 min.


The Gothic cathedral stands as a rich and complex design and the engineering behind these great testaments to faith has not changed dramatically in 900 years. In 1891, Charles Glover Gathers, a prominent Washington banker, promoted the idea of a national cathedral as a moral center. Thus rose the "Washington Cathedral" surpassing even Notre Dame and Chartres in size, as 12th and 20th century methods were combined to raise 300 million pounds of limestone. A&E Television Networks, 1995. 50 min.

Churches of the Philippines.

An Architectural and cultural tour of Philippine Baroque and Gothic churches and the first steel church, built between 1500 and 1890s by Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits in Luzon and the Visayas, and painted by Filipino and European masters. 1992. 48 min.

Crete & Mycenae.

Presents photographs showing the archaeological findings at Knossos and elsewhere on Crete, as well as Mycenae on the Greek mainland, in order to compare the cultural history of the Minoan civilization with that of Mycenae. 1986, 1970. 54 min.