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Ancient Asia

600 Millennia: China's History Unearthed.

Documents a 1974 touring exhibition of Chinese antiquities and archaeological finds of the People's Republic of China. 2 parts, 89 min.

Ancient China

From the creation legend of Panku to the demise of the Han Dynasty, this program traces Chinese history and explores the roots of Chinese culture. It visits the Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace and the Beijing Opera, whose works are an elaborate retelling of traditional folktales. The influences of Buddhism, Taoism and ancestor worship in China are also examined along with footage of the Buddhist caves and the Terra Cotta Army. 1999. 47 min.

China: The Mandate of Heaven. (Legacy)

Despite decades of Communist rule, China continues to be influenced by Confucianism, reverence for ancestors and harmony - ideas virtually unchanged since the Bronze Age. 1991. 57 min.

India: The Empire of the Spirit. (Legacy.)

Ancient India is with us today in the living tradition of the Hindu religion, the basis of Indian culture. India has kept true to its ancient tradition of non-violence and spiritual search, even as it became part of the modern world. 1991. 57 min

Old Treasures From New China.

Portrays China's evolution from primitive society through the Yuan dynasty (about the 13th century). It relates China's technological and artistic achievements and its contributions to world civilization through photographed selections of artworks in the archaeological exhibition from the People's Republic of China that toured the U.S. in 1975. 55 min.

Paradise on Earth. Ancient Spirits, China and Japan. (Nature Perfected, the Story of the Garden; 1-2).

In Paradise on earth the search for the perfect garden takes the viewer from a mountain corn patch in Mexico to the emperor's private park in Tokyo. Film explores Japan's Shinto shrines, the water lilies that inspired Monet in France, the regal avenues of Versailles and the majesty of nature's perfect garden, Yosemite. Ancient spirits, China and Japan examines the gardens of China which has the oldest garden tradition in the world.

Rise of the Dragon. (The Genius that was China)

This program provides an overview of the political and cultural history of China from 1000-1500, highlighting its ancient technological and scientific innovations. It examines why ancient China was so far ahead of the western world and why it lost it's lead to the western world. 1990. 58 min.

The First Emperor of China.

Computer-interactive laser disc. Offers close-up views of the magnificent burial complex of Qin Shi Huang Di, the third century BC ruler who unified China and built the Great Wall. An aerial flyby tour of the wall, original footage of the excavation's first days, a museum tour, and other 2,000 still-frame images of the 7,000 life-size terracotta warriors and horses that stand guard over the tomb are only a few of the features of this disc. c1991.

Tsubaki Grand Shrine: A Shrine for all Seasons.

This documentary focuses on a year in the life of one of Japan's oldest and greatest Shinto shrines, the Tsubaki Grand Shrine (the first shrine in the ancient province of Ise). Various rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations are held at the shrine throughout the year. c1990. 40 min.