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Aging and the Elderly

My Mother, My Father: Caring for Aging Parents

Produced and directed by James Vanden Bosch. Explores the issues involved in caring for elderly parents by focusing on the various ways in which four families are handling the problem. Includes interviews with parents and their families. 1984. 33 min.
web web sites: Description from Fanlight catalog

My Mother, My Father: Seven Years Later

Revisits each of the four families that were shown providing care for an aging parent in the 1984 production My mother, my father, caring for aging parents. Explores the changes that have taken place over the years in family dynamics and in caregiving needs. 1991. 42 min.
web web sites: Description from Fanlight catalog

NewsHour: Medical Ethics & Issues. Part 2: Caregivers Struggle with Alzheimer's

Susan Dentzer looks at the growing number of patients stricken with Alzheimer's disease and the emotional, physical, and financial burdens placed on their loved ones. Originally broadcast as segments of: The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. 2007.

Nice Weather, Mr. Pradhan

An anthropologist from Nepal comes to a small town in the Netherlands to study the care of the aged in Dutch society. He in turn becomes the object of close scrutiny by his subjects, most of whom have little knowledge about the Nepalese. A delightful portrayal of the benefits that can result from an interchange of cultures. Directed by Hans Heijnen. 1989. 28 min.

Nobody's Business

Oscar A. Berliner, father of director Alan Berliner, is the reluctant subject of this study of family history and memory. Family members add their comments to this portrait of a retired Jewish sportswear manufacturer and salesman who describes himself as "just an ordinary guy." 1996. 60 min.

Number our Days.Ж

Interviews conducted by anthropologist Barbara G. Myerhoff to document lives of Jewish senior citizens of Israel Levin Senior Adult Center, Venice, Calif. Produced and directed by Lynne Littman. Dist.: Direct Cinema.
Awards Academy Award - Best Documentary, Short Subjects

Old Men (Lao tou)

Presents an intimate ethnographic portrait of elderly men in China. When the filmmaker moved to Beijing, she noticed a fixture of the community -- a group that gathered daily at the curbside. They met promptly in the mornings to sit in the sun and chat, would go home for lunch and return immediately, remaining until 5:00 p.m. Although they no longer labor for their nation or for the Communist party they cannot escape the need for routine. Those that remain often refer to themselves as hopeless and useless. A Film by Lina Yang. 1999. 94 min.

On Our Way to Hollywood

Presents the filmmaker and two irrepressible elderly developmentally disabled women, as he produces a film showing their lifetime friendship and shared lives as they recount their experiences throughout their lives in various institutions and schools. Unquenchable good humor permeates the film as they are seen creating artworks, singing and presenting humorous theater together. 1995. [From the archives of National Institute of Art and Disabilities and the Office of Disability Studies, University of California, Berkeley] 39 min.

Optic Nerve

A film by Barbara Hammer. A powerful personal reflection on family and aging in a meditation created on her visit to her grandmother in a nursing home. 1985. vhs

Our Havens

Documentary film views change in the context of three average middle-class urban Indian families and in particular the plight of the old and alone in the new India. 2002. 30 min.