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Aging and the Elderly

Forward in Time: Productive Aging in America

Through interviews with a variety of older Americans in their 60s, 70s and 80s, reflects the majority of active and healthy seniors who utilize productive aging skills and techniques to enjoy a higher quality of life and more creative retirement. 2003. 59 min.

Fragile Ladies.

Interviews with homeless women in New York City, interviews with two directors of homeless shelters and excerpts of commentary and speeches from the New York State Assembly public hearing on the homeless held on September 19, 1981. 25 min.

God Bless America and Poland Too.

A Polish immigrant, Frank Popiolek, came to the United States in1911 at age 15, one of 2,000,000 Poles who made the journey. He settled himself in Chicago, a laborer and then a barber. Once established in the US, he began to send for other family members so they could earn enough money to return to Poland financially secure. The program features encounters with 94-year old Popiolek as he returns to his old Chicago barbershop and meets past customers and American grandnieces.

Golden Years(The Way We Live: Introduction to Sociology)

The longevity revolution, cross-cultural differences, stereotypes -- all present challenges to meeting the needs of America's growing population of elderly adults. This lesson explores issues surrounding aging, death and dying, and features the Jewish Home for the Aged in San Francisco -- a nursing home that provides a rich array of programs for it residents. 2005. 27 min.

Grey Gardens (1976)

"Seventy-nine year old Edith Bouvier Beale and her fifty-six year old daughter, Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale, are Jacqueline Kennedy's aunt and cousin. Living alone with several cats, fleas and raccoons (the latter, wild, which live in the attic but who Edie feeds), the Beale's are discovered living in filth and squalor in Grey Gardens, their 28-room family mansion located in East Hampton, Long Island, the mansion which doesn't even have running water. Edie moved home twenty-four years earlier to care for her ailing mother.

Growing Old

Most people are unwilling to confront aging--even many seniors live in denial of it. Some fear losing their independence and autonomy, while others simply can't accept the graying of their hair. This program explores the varied landscape of aging in America, presenting the realities—physical, medical, emotional, and economic--of growing old in a youth-obsessed society. Whether they are well off in retirement, financially marginalized, in good health, or terminally ill, the film's participants provide moving and provocative commentary and raise several challenging questions.

Herb and Dorothy

Tells the story of a postal clerk and a librarian who managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history with very modest means. Directed by Megumi Sasaki. 2008. 87 min.

Home for Life

A look at two elderly people in their first month in a home for the aged, as they struggle to remain useful when they are no longer appreciated and can no longer take care of themselves. The film focuses on the feelings of the two new residents in their encounters with other residents, medical staff, social workers, psychiatrists and family. Directed by Gerald Temaner. Kartemquin Films, 1967. 80 min.

It Can Happen to Anyone: Problems with Alcohol and Medication Among Older Adults

Alcohol is a part of our social fabric. For many older adults, prescribed medications are also a fact of life. At any stage of life, alcohol and drugs can pose a serious threat to health, happiness and longevity. In this video Ed Asner helps viewers take a candid look at the role alcohol plays in the lives of some older adults. 1996. 26 min.

Let's Face It: Women Explore Their Aging Faces

Seven women ages 45 to 65 explore and reflect on their aging faces uncovering their ambivalence, vanity, anxiety, joy and acceptance of growing older through open, honest, and funny revelations with their friends. A film by Wendy Oser, Joan Levinson & Beverly Spencer. 2002. 26 min.