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African Diaspora

Capoeira Bahia.

Dance master Bira Almeida and his students demonstrate various forms of the Capoeira, a unique martial arts dance developed in Brazil by African descendants 400 years ago. Includes historical segments of performances by Capoeira dancers plus instruction in basic movements of the dance. 1983. 70 min.

Caribbean Crucible (Repercussions: A Celebration of African Influenced Music; 6)

From Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, this film traces the ties that bind the music of coastal Africa to the music of Europe and the Caribbean. Spirited performances move through a variety of Afro-European fusions to the tough and exhilirating sounds of urban Jamaican popular music, including reggae and deejay. 1984. 60 min.

Chutney in Yuh Soca: A Multicultural Mix

Chutney in Yuh Soca: a film showing the interaction of the East Indian and African populations of Trinidad and Tobago through the popular music "Chutney" which is an combination of Indian folk tunes with the tempo and spice of the Caribbean. The Gospel Truth: A Black family in Great Britain reaffirms their values and family cohesiveness through the singing of gospel music. Songs For Our Daughters: West Indian women in Britain discuss the way they pass their heritage and culture on to their mixed race daughters. 1996. 37 min.

Dark Passages

A mixture of interviews, slave narratives, and dramatization tell the story of the impact of the Atlantic slave trade. Takes the viewer from the House of Slaves on Goree Island off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, to the village of Juffere on the Gambia River, the ancestral home of Alex Haley of "Roots" fame. 1995. 50 min.

De Florida a Coahuila: la historia de los Mascogos

A documentary on the Mascogos, an African descent community in Northern Mexico which emigrated from the U.S.A. to escape slavery. Directed by Rafael Robellar. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 200-? 50 min.

Diaspora Conversations: From Goree to Dogon

Actor Danny Glover and director Manthia Diawara travel through West Africa from Goree to Dogon, creating conversations that link different sides and accounts of the African diaspora. Traversing through various locales of West Africa, the film explores the historical questions that both confront and facilitate community. Produced, directed, and written by Manthia Diawara. Dist.: Third World Newsreel. 2000 47 min.

Family Across the Sea.

Film examines how scholars have uncovered the remarkable connections between the Gullah people of South Carolina and the people of Sierra Leone and how the Gullahs incorporated many aspects of African culture including the language into the daily life of the plantations. Film concludes with a delegation of Gullah people traveling from the United States to Sierra Leone to trace the roots of their heritage. 1991. 56 min.
web web sites: Description from California Newsreel catalog

Fort Mose: A New Chapter in American History.

Tells the story of the first legally sanctioned settlement for free Africans in America, providing important evidence that African-American colonial history extended far beyond slavery and oppression. This program traces the kidnapping of Africans, their sale as slaves in the "New World" and their escape to Spanish Florida and freedom. 16 min. 1992.

Garifuna Journey

Presents the rich culture and fascinating trajectory of the Garifuna of Belize--descendents of Carib Indians and Africans who successfully resisted slavery. This celebratory documentary presents their history from both the outsider and insider vantage points, the result of a collaboration between the Chicago filmmakers and the Garifuna community. Testimonials by members of the Garifuna are intercut with scenes of cooking, dancing, eating, expressions of their spirituality and other rituals. A documentary by Andrea E. Leland and Kathy L. Berger.

Global Africa (The Africans, Part 9)

Discusses African contributions to contemporary culture, including the significance of the African diaspora, particularly in North America. Also examines the continuing influence of the superpowers on the affairs of Africa.