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African Americans in Film

Swing Time (1936)

Directed by George Stevens. Cast: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers,Victor Moore, Helen Broderick, Eric Blore, Betty Furness,Georges Metaxa. Music, Jerome Kern: lyrics, Dorothy Fields.Fred Astaire plays a gambler intent on raising $25,000 in NewYork in order to marry his fiance back home. Includes a Astairein blackface in a musical tribute to Bill Robinson ("Bojanglesof Harlem"). 103 min. ;
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Swing! (1938)

Directed by Oscar Micheaux. Cast: Cora Green,Hazel Diaz, Carmen Newsome, Dorothy Van Engle, AlecLovejoy, Larry Seymour, Mandy Randolph. A musicalwith plot built around the music which is performedfrom Alabama to New York (Harlem). Ted Gregory istrying to become the first black producer to mounta show on Broadway but his star singer is gettingin the way. When the singer breaks her leg in anaccident, a wardrobe girl for Gregory steps up tofill in for the injured star. 78 min.

Tales from the Hood (1995)

Directed by Rusty Cundieff. Cast:Corbin Bernsen, Rosalind Cash, RustyCundieff, David Alan Grier, AnthonyGriffith, Wings Hauser, Paula Jai Parker,Joe Torry, Clarence Williams III. Stack,Ball and Bulldog arrive at a local funeralparlor to retrieve a lost drug stash heldby the mortician Mr. Simms. But Mr. Simmshas other plans for the boys. He leads themon a tour of his establishment, introducingthem to his corpses. Even the dead havetales to tell, and Mr. Simms is willing totell them all.

Talk To Me (1983)

Directed by Kasi Lemmons. Cast: Taraji P. Henson, Cedric theEntertainer, Martin Sheen. Based on the true story of outspokenex-convict and iconic radio personality Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene.This powerful biopic details the life and career of the mediafigure whose voice instilled the black community with hope duringthe turbulent 1960s. After talking his way onto the Washington,D.C.

Ten Minutes to Live (1932)

Directed by Oscar Micheaux. Cast: LaurenceChenault, A.B. Comathiere, Laura Bowman, Willor LeeGuilford, Tressie Mitchell. A mystery-musical builtaround a threatening note which gives the heroineonly "ten minutes to live." The heroine sings anddances in a Harlem nightclub. Much nightclubbusiness as the mystery unravels with song anddance numbers and a stand up comedy routine.

Tha Eastsidaz (2000)

Director, Michael Martin. Cast: Snoop Dogg, Tray Deee, GoldieLoc, Darryl Brunson, Xzibit, Warren G., RBS, Jayo Felony, Tash.A gang kingpin is looking to get out of the game after onefinal deal, only to have his trusted lieutenant betray him.Aided by friends outside prison, Killa Pop plans an ingeniousescape and a brutal payback. Features a who's who of the WestCoasts's top rap artists. 90 min.
Credits andother information from the Internet Movie Database

That's Black Entertainment, Part I: Celebrating Legendary Black Actors.

Showcases the groundbreaking work of AfricanAmerican talent during the early years of Blackcinema. Footage is from the 1920s through the1950s. Dedicated to those performers whose talentshave transcended the ages; Paul Robeson, one of thefirst stars of independent Black cinema; OscarMicheaux, who made nearly 50 independent movies;Black film director Spencer Williams Jr. is alsohighlighted. 2002. 217 min.