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African Americans in Film

Def by Temptation (1990)

Directed by James Bond III. Cast: Kadeem Hardison,Melba Moore, Bill Nunn, Samuel L. Jackson. Joel, adivinity student, finds himself in conflict with hiscalling. Needing to get away from his overprotectivegrandmother and southern hometown, he heads for NewYork City to visit his childhood friend "K". Once inNew York, he meets the "Temptress," a seductivesuccubus who lures men to bed and kills them. "K" andDougy, an undercover cop who has been tracking thewoman for months, try to destroy the Temptress. Butthey both eventually fall prey to her curse leavingJoel alone to face destiny.

Deliver Us From Eva (2003)

Directed by Gary Hardwick. Cast: LL Cool J, GabrielleUnion, Duane Martin, Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, MeaganGood, Mel Jackson, Dartanyan Edmonds, Dorian Gregory. Evais a very uptight young woman who constantly meddles in theaffairs of her sisters and their husbands. Her in-laws, whoare tired of Eva interfering in their lives, decide to sether up with someone so she can leave them alone. They endup paying Ray, the local "playboy," $5,000 to date her. Theplan goes by smoothly, but troubles comes when Ray actuallyfalls in love with Eva.

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)

Directed by Carl Franklin. Cast: Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Beals, Tom Szemore, Mauri Chaykin, Leon Lee. Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins is a decorated war hero who returns home to work as a private eye. His job of finding a missing socialite puts him between the white power elite and the vibrant black commumnity of Central Avenue. As soon as Easy and his trigger-happy friend Mouse find Daphne Monet, trouble follows. 101min. Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase

Devil's Daughter (1939)

Directed by Arthur Leonard. Cast: Nina MaeMcKinney, Jack Carter, Ida James, HamtreeHarrington, Willa Mae Lane, Emmett Wallace.Leon Lee. Isabelle Walton (McKinney) returns toclaim her late father's Jamaican plantation.She encounters voodoo and and a jealoushalf-sister in the process. Comic relief byHamtree Harrington who thinks his soul has beenput into the body of a pig. 60 min. ;
Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

Directed by Darren Grant. Cast: Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris,Shemar Moore, Tamara Taylor, Lisa Marcos, Tiffany Evans, CicelyTyson, Tyler Perry. Helen McCarter would seem to have it all.She's married to Charles who is one of Atlanta's mostsuccessful attorneys. But despite having wealth and prestige,things are not as they seem in the McCarter home. On theevening of their anniversary, Charles drops a bombshell onHelen - he's divorcing her for another woman.

Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A.(1936)

Directed by Spencer Williams. Cast: FrancineEverette, Don Wilson, "Piano" Frank, Old Hager,Spencer Williams, John King, July Jones. Inthis all black cast feature, Gertie LaRue andher troupe of performers arrive direct fromHarlem at the Paradise Hotel on the island ofTrinidad. They are there to do a show at theDiamond Palace, a club owned by Diamond Joe,who falls for Gertie. Gertie has left Harlem ina hurry and cannot go back there because shehas jilted her boyfriend, Al, who is nowlooking for revenge. 60 min. ;

Disco Godfather (1979)

Directed by J. Robert Wagoner. Cast:Rudy Ray Moore, Carol Speed, Jimmy Lynch.Rudy Ray Moore is Tucker Williams, therapping owner of the Blueberry Hill disco.An ex-cop with a penchant for head-whackingmartial arts, Tucker is called into actionwhen his nephew gets hooked on angel dust.With the help of his "Gal Friday" Noel,Tucker declares war on Stinger Ray, thenation's leading angel dust producer. Butas the war progresses, Tucker learns thatStinger and his goons are as deadly as thedrugs they push.

DJ Spooky's Rebirth of a Nation (2007)

First released in 1915, D.W. Griffith's Birth of a nationignited worldwide controversy with its graphic depictions of racismand white supremacy in the post-Civil War South. Nearly 100 yearslater, Paul D. Miller also known as conceptualartist/musician/writer DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, creates adaring 'remix' of Griffith's epic to expose the film's true meaningand relate it to the socio-political conflicts of America today.100 min. Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase

Do the Right Thing (1989)

Director: Spike Lee. Cast: Danny Aiello (Sal), Ossie Davis (Da Mayor), Ruby Dee (Mother Sister), Richard Edson (Vito), Giancarlo Esposito (Buggin Out), Spike Lee (Mookie), Bull Nunn (Radio Raheem), John Turturro (Pino), Rosie Perez (Tina), Joie Lee (Jade), Sam Jackson (Mister Se~nor Love Daddy).