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African American Studies

Baldwin vs Buckley

Debate between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley, October 26, 1965. Sponsored by the Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge University. The topic of the debate was "The American Dream is at the Expense of the American Negro".

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Baldwin's Nigger

A striking portait of the writer James Baldwin at his sharp-witted best, addressing a group of radical West Indian students in 1960s London. Accompanied by comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, Baldwin discusses what it means to be black in America, comparing it to the experience of the British Black community. Produced and directed by Horace Ove. 1969. 44 min. Online Access through LFLFC .


Documentary about three communities which forcibly expelled African American residents between the Civil War and the Great Depression. Includes interviews with residents from those communities: Pierce City, Missouri; Harrison, Arkansas; Forsyth County, Georgia. Produced and directed by Marco Williams. 2007. 84 min.
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Berkeley in the Sixties.

A film by Mark Kitechell. Contents: Pt. 1 Confronting the university: the Free Speech Movement-- pt. 2. Confronting America: the anti-war movement (32 min.) -- pt. 3. Confronting history: the counter-culture movement(45 min.). Through interviews with participants and archival footage, presents a history of Berkeley, California in the 1960s. This film is a celebration and tribute to the spirited rebellion of the students of Berkeley in the 1960s.

Bessie Smith and Friends.

Miscellaneous musical shorts, including the Nicholas Brothers, Eubie Blake, Teddy Wilson, and others. 39 min.

Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans

Reporter Greg Palast investigates the government's management of planning and relief for Hurricane Katrina. On his arrival to view the relief efforts, he discovers the population of New Orleans is minuscule, the reconstruction sparse, suicide rates climbing, and that many citizens have not, or even know how to return to the city that care forgot.

Big Mama

Depicts Viola Dees, a devoted, 89-year old grandmother, in her struggle to raise her orphaned 9-year old grandson in South Central Los Angeles. She must contend with her own declining health and a bureaucratic and legal system that continually threatens to force them apart. Produced and directed by Tracy Seretean. 2000. 40 min.
Academy Award - Best Documentary, Short Subjects San Francisco International Film Festival - Golden Gate Awardweb web sites: Description from California Newsreel catalog

Bigot Songs [Sound recording]

Songs of bigotry and racial prejudice recorded in the United States between 1896 and 1919. Contents: 1896: All Coons look alike to me -- Darkies temptation -- 1898: Chin Chin Chinaman -- 1900: Coon band contest -- 1901: Every darky had a raglan on -- My little zulu -- The phrenologist coon -- Coon, coon, coon --Medley of plantation songs -- Minstrels, Pt. 1 -- Hu-la hu-la cake walk -- 1902: It was the Dutch -- Mick that sent the pick -- Loo Loo-oo, my dusky loo -- 1903: It takes the Irish to beat the Dutch -- Hiawatha -- Coon wedding in So. Ga.

Black America and the Education Crisis.

Syndicated columnist Juan Williams moderates a town meeting at Howard University on the crisis of education in the black community. Educators, politicians and other prominent personalities discuss such issues as why black children score lower on standarized tests, how to improve academic performance, and Ebonics. c1997. 45 min.

Black Athena

Reviews evidence that the culture of ancient Greece had its origins in Africa and the East and that the West should recognize what it owes to Black and Eastern cultures. 1990. 60 min.
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