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African American History 1970 to the present

[King, Rodney] Rodney King and the LA Riots, March 1991

Birth of a Nation: 4x29x92. This hard-hitting documentary offers a rare view of the L.A. rebellion which erupted within minutes of the verdict that acquitted the four police officers accused of brutally beating motorist Rodney King. With the hand-held immediacy of combat coverage and set to the best of rap and hip hop, the video maker follows the events on the street, all shot at the epicenter of the rebellion where businesses burn, emotions explode and Black and Latino communities refuse to sit back and take it. A film by Matthew McDaniel.

[Simpson, O.J.] A Question of Evidence.

Presents testimony by key witnesses to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to send O.J. Simpson to trial. Shows Court TV broadcast excerpts from the preliminary hearing before Judge Kathleen Kennedy Powell. Includes defense attorneys Gerald Uelman and Robert Shapiro, and prosecutors Willia Hodgman and Marcia Clark. 51 min.

[Simpson, O.J.] Merchandising Murder: the O.J. Simpson Industry.

It's been called the trial of the century -- former football star O.J. Simpson facing charges of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. But is the trial itself the cause of all the fuss or has the event been manufactured by the media and merchandisers seeking to exploit the case? Film examines the huge million dollar industry which has sprung up to cash in on the compatible with the rights of the accused in a nation where murder seems to pay for everyone but the victims. 48 min. .

[Simpson, O.J.] The O. J. Simpson Trial. Pt.1, Background and Opening Statements.

Coverage of background information and opening statements before Judge Ito in the televised trial of O. J. Simpson for the murders of his former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994. 60 min. .

[Simpson, O.J.] The O. J. Simpson Trial. Pt.2, The Prosecution.

The prosecution team, led by Marcia Clark, assisted by William Hodgman presents evidence against the accused in the trial of O. J. Simpson for the murders of his former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994. Key strategies focus on 911 calls from Nicole, a trail of blood discovered at Mr. Simpson's home and DNA analysis of blood stains. 60 min.

[Simpson, O.J.] The O. J. Verdict.

Ten years after the verdict was made in the O.J. Simpson case, this program looks back on the trial through interviews with the defense, prosecution and journalists. The program explores the role that race played in arguably the most controversial verdict in the recent history of the American justice system. Originally aired as a segment of the television program Frontline on October 4, 2005. Dist.: PBS. 58 min.

[Thomas, Clarence; Hill, Anita] Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain.

Discusses the Thomas confirmation hearings, the charges of sexual harassment by Anita Hill, and the reactions from African-Americans. 58 min.
National Educational Film & Video Festival 1994 (Gold Apple).

[Thomas, Clarence] Sex & Justice

Presents highlights from the dramatic confrontation between Senator Clarence Thomas and former colleague Anita Hill during the widely publicized Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991, paving the way for how people view sexual harassment in the workplace. 1993. 77 min. ;