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African American History 1950 to 1970 & Civil Rights Movement

Freedom March.

Features the San Francisco civil rights protest march of May 26, 1963, sponsored by Bay Area black churches and the labor movement in the shocked aftermath of the Birmingham, Alabama bombing of a black church, killing five children. A film by Harvey Richards. Dist.: Estuary Press. 10 min.

Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore

A documentary film exploring the life and times of a distinguished school teacher whose passionate crusade for equal rights for African Americans could not be discouraged by either the white power structure or the more cautious factions of his own movement. 2000 90 min.

Freedom Now! [Sound recording]

Radio documentary on the 1963 civil rights march in Birmingham, Alabama. Contains actuality of the rally, riots, and the voices of Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy and Birmingham's Mayor and sheriff. Produced by Robert Kramer, Chris Koch, and Dale Minor. WBAI broadcast, 1963.

Freedom on My Mind.

Revisits the Mississippi freedom movement in the early1960s when a handful of idealistic young activists believed they could change history -- and did. In 1964, organizers of the voter registration drive, fearing for their lives and hoping to attract the nation and federal government to their plight, recruited 1,000 mostly white college students from around the country to join them for Freedom Summer.

Freedom Riders

This inspirational documentary is about a band of courageous civil-rights activists calling themselves the Freedom Riders. Gaining impressive access to influential figures on both sides of the issue, it chronicles a chapter of American history that stands as an astonishing testament to the accomplishment of youth and what can result from the incredible combination of personal conviction and the courage to organize against all odds. Directed by Stanley Nelson. Based in part on the book Freedom riders: 1961 and the struggle for racial justice, by Raymond Arsenault.


A documentary series chronicling the epic journey of America's commitment to liberty and the idea of freedom. Based on the book series A History of US by Joy Hakim. c2003. 52 min. each installment

Fundi, the Story of Ella Baker.

Shows the work of Ella Baker, a little known organizer in the Civil Rights Movement of the past fifty years. 63 min.
web web sites: Description from Icarus Films catalog

Given a Chance (America's War on Poverty; 2) .

Early 1965 is a critical period for President Johnson's war on poverty. The Office of Economic Opportunity's goal to have the poor themselves design and run anti-poverty programs attracts strong opposition from local and state governments. Head Start is created to provide poor children with adequate nutrition, health care and the educational advantages that other American children enjoy. This program focuses on the Head Start program in Mississippi. 57 min. [preservation copy]

Harlem: A Self Portrait

This 1959 CBS News special offers a unique look at a city within a city, capturing the mood and tenor of a community where, at the time, police, not politicians, were the power and six out of seven officers were white. This program surveys a wide range of Harlem life including footage of a speech by Malcolm X and interviews with poet Langston Hughes and a wide variety of African Americans living in Harlem including a retired black police detective, two former gang members, a resident of a new apartment building, partners in a new restaurant venture and others.

I am Not Your Negro (2016)

Directed by Raoul Peck. Using James Baldwin's unfinished final manuscript, Remember This House, this documentary follows the lives and successive assassinations of three of the author's friends, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., delving into the legacy of these iconic figures and narrating historic events using Baldwin's original words and a flood of rich archival material.