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Adaptor/director, Fiona Laird. Cast: Rick Smith, Rachel Springs, Jon Williams, Fiona Laird--cast of the London Small Theatre Company. Modern adaptation for the stage of Aristophanes's Greek comedy The Frogs. 1991. 110 min.


Director Georgos Zervoulakos. Cast: Tzeni Karezi, Kostas Kazakos, Anna Fonsou, Dionisis Papagiannopoulos. Film retelling of Lysistrata who convinced the women they could prevent war by withholding sexual favors from their husbands. Modern Greek dialog with English subtitles. c1987. 97 min.


Director Howard Sackler. Read by Hermione Gingold. 1987. 67 min.

Politics (1931)

Director, Charles F. Riesner. Cast: Marie Dressler, Polly Moran, Roscoe Ates. In this reworking of Lysistrata, a widow, Hattie (Marie Dressler), decides to run for mayor after her daughter gets involved with a young mobster who has been framed for murder. When the menfolk don't back Hattie, she encourages women to stop taking care of their husbands to force them to vote for her. Features Polly Moran as the campaign manager. 73 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

The Birds

Director, Robert Richmond. A new translation for the stage by Peter Meineck. Cast: Anthony Cochrane, Andrew Price, Tony Dunn, Daniel York. In this classical Greek drama two men are disgusted with life in Athens and seek a new homeland among the birds. c1998. 95 min.

The Birds [Excerpts]

Adapted and directed by Bob Morris featuring Neil Pepe, Ed Porter, Todd Weeks, Phil Reilly, Clare Tattersull, Terry Hardcastle. Two Greek men are disgusted with life in Athens and seek a new homeland among the birds. 1991. 43 min.