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3551, a Story of Change

Presents the demobilization process of some 3551 child soldiers of the Sudan People's Liberation Army by UNICEF in southern Sudan. 199? 28 min.

A Crisis in Human Rights: Genocide in Darfur and Beyond

Focusing on the crisis in Darfur, the speakers will offer a comprehensive view of how and why a conflict evolves into a full-fledged genocide. The Darfur genocide has involved not just the outright immediate killing of people, but also the creation of conditions that have made life impossible by chasing people out into the desert and destroying their homes, villages, food supplies and livelihoods. Speakers will present eyewitness accounts of events on the ground in Darfur as well as academic research into conflict and peace within and between nations.

A Great Wonder: Lost Children of Sudan Resettling in America

More than 2 million Sudanese have died in the longest uninterrupted civil war in the world. This film traces the extraordinary journey of three young Sudanese orphans, a fraction of the 17,000 so-called "lost boys" of Sudan, and their arrival and resettlement in Seattle. Not your average immigration story, the 3 youths using digital video cameras, recorded their own experiences over the course of 18 months.

All About Darfur

Up until now the perilous situation in Sudan has been seen only from outside the country. This documentary offers an opportunity to hear it explained by eloquent, diverse, and even contradictory voices from within Sudan. The director talks to ordinary Sudanese in outdoor tea shops, markets, refugee camps and living rooms about how deeply rooted prejudices could suddenly burst into a wild fire of ethnic violence. Written, produced and directed by Taghreed Elsanhouri. 2005. 82 min.

Arlit, The Second Paris (Arlit, deuxième Paris)

A case study in migration and environmental racism set in an uranium mining town in the Sahara desert of Niger. Here European corporations extracted nuclear power and profits, leaving behind illness due to radiation, contamination and unemployment. Arlit flourished during the oil crunch of the early 70s when its uranium mines employed 25, 000 workers from around the world in high paying jobs. It has now become a ghost town, a place of transit. A film by Idrissou Mora Kpai. 2005. 78 min.

Darfur Genocide on Trial

This 30-minute movie about the ?Darfur? trial consists of interviews with the defendants and a talk by Eric Reeves. (Cameras weren?t allowed in the courtroom.) There are also brief interviews with controversial figures like then-Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. They describe the situation in Darfur, the 2004 Catholic Worker 2005? View it with RealPlayer

From North to South

A short documentary on Sudan's displaced and their journeys home. "This DVD is part of a new initiative by IRIN/OCHA to develop a series of short documentaries highlighting humanitarian emergencies in Africa and Asia." Produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Integrated Regional Information Networks. 16 min.

God Grew Tired of Us

Presents the plight of young, male Sudanese refugees, known as "lost boys," being displaced to foreign countries due to civil war in their homeland. The film tells the story of three of the lost boys who struggled to come to the United States for a better life, while still attempting to assist the family and friends they have left behind. Directed by Christopher Quinn.

Kafi's Story

This film captures Nuba life just at the moment before it was engulfed in the Sudanese civil war in 1989. The Nubian native Kafi narrates his journey to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, from his village Torogi in the Nuba Mountains. Torogi is in the middle of Sudan's encroaching civil war, between the muslim North and the christian South. Torogi itself is neither muslim nor christian and is trying to remain neutral. 1989. 54 min.
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Lost Boys of Sudan

Focuses on the journey of two teenage Sudanese boys, orphaned by the war in Sudan, who travel to America looking for a safer environment where they find they must grapple with extreme cultural differences and learn to cope with the unfamiliar complexities of contemporary American society. Directed and produced by Megan Mylan & Jon Shenk. 2003. 87 min. Awards American Library Association Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults San Francisco International Film Festival - Golden Gate Award, Bay Area Documentary Feature