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Russia/Soviet Union

Disgraced Monuments.

Discusses the destruction of monuments in Russia during the 20th century as each new regime takes control. Only recently have efforts been made to preserve these monuments as part of the Russian heritage. Features rare archival footage and interviews with sculptors, art historians and critics, gallery and museum directors. 1993. 49 min.

Document Russia: The Rise of Vladimir Putin. Putin: A Bitter Decision.

In the mind of Vladimir Putin, 9/11/01 marked the day that triggered a chain of events that ended with Russia's acceptance into the ranks of the West-but at a terrible cost to national pride and the balance of nuclear power. This program narrates the circumstances leading to President Putin's bitter decision to trade U.S. approval of the war in Chechnya for what has proved to be a diminished role in world politics. Footage of Putin, George W.

Document Russia: The Rise of Vladimir Putin. Putin: Stairway to Power.

This program tracks the career of Vladimir Putin from KGB spymaster for the U.S.S.R. to president of the Russian Federation.

East Side Story.

"That's Entertainment," Communist style. A documentary of Soviet and Eastern bloc communist musical films. Comrades drive tractors, sweep factory floors, feed farm animals, harvest crops, all the while singing their hearts out about the joys of socialism. Included are interviews with people involved in the making of some of these movies, as well as a film historian and moviegoers.

Exile in Buyukada

Based on the book by Isaac Deutscher, this fascinating docudrama presents a moving portrait of controversial figure Leon Trotsky, the revolutionary who advocated world revolution with socialism in the Soviet Union, and ultimately, the exiled opponent of Stalin after Lenin died. In his twilight exiled years, Leon Trotsky spent time in France, Norway, and Mexico but before these final years, Turkey granted asylum for the deported leader of the Soviet revolution. 2000. 72 min.


A stunning visually tour through the belly of an old Soviet industrial plant in the Urals filmed in 2004. While male workers toil over fiery blast furnaces, pour molten steel into giant casting ladles, and hammer metal spikes into colossal machines, their female counterparts operate the assembly lines, endlessly moving clay blocks from one conveyor belt to another. The film presents an unapologetic questioning of Russia's ability to emerge as a modern industrial nation in the 21st century. Produced, directed and edited by Sergei Loznitsa. Dist.

Face to Face: Conversations on U.S./Soviet Summitry.

Unit 1. Sources of U.S.-Soviet summitry. (30 min.) -- Unit 2. World Wars to Cold War, 1917-1955 (30 min.) -- Unit 3. Adversarial summits, 1955-1987 (30 min.) -- Unit 4. Basic issues in U.S.- Soviet summitry. 30 min.

Fading Traces: Postscripts from a Landscape of Memory

The western Ukraine was once home to the largest Jewish community that ever existed. Five million Jews living there had a rich culture, with extensive music and a thriving Yiddish theater. All this disappeared with the German invasion of Russia in 1941 and the tragic events of the Holocaust. This documentary artfully weaves the words of writers such as Rose Auslander, Isaak Babel, Martin Buber and David Kahane with the memories of those still living to recreate the culture of Ukrainian Jews. (1998?) 79 min.

Far From Moscow.

A 1961 photographic tour of the Soviet Union by Harvey and Alice Richards, focusing on the work, housing, education, childcare and medical facilities available to women in a socialist society. This film, the second of a 2 part presentation, covers the lives of women in areas outside of Moscow, in the towns of Sochi on the Black Sea, Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Irkutsk, Siberia. 1962. 33 min.

Final Verdict

A student shot a woman and her guest. The director and the killer try to understand the motivation behind the tragedy. During twenty painful months alone on death row, the killer discovers he is no longer the person he once was. 66 min. 1987.-- Evening Sacrifice: The director tried to capture the spirit of a crowd. 17 min. 1984-1987. Are You Going to the Ball?: An unprecedented look at the Soviet Union's women's gymnastic team. Olga Korbut is featured. 28 min. 1987.--Tomorrow is a Holiday: Women workers stuff live chickens into metal containers.