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& etc.

"& etc" is a small publishing company created in Portugal in 1973 that focuses on producing relatively unknown authors. Founder Victor Silva Tavares, Rui Caeiro and other staff reminisce here about events throughout the three decades of working in the publishing company. Directed by Cla¡udia Clemente. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2007. 25 min.

Acto dos Feitos da Guine

A dialogue between "History" (Jose Gomes) and "The Guerrilla" (Virgilio Massinge) interlaced with live footage taken in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau, when this country was a colony of Portugal, the former Portuguese Guinea. In Portuguese. PAL format. 81 min.

As armas e o povo

Coverage of demonstrations and addresses by politicians during the April, 1974 revolution in Portugal. Features interviews with people in the streets during the revolution. In Portuguese. PAL format. 77 min.

Aventuras do Espirito

Episodio 1: Com perfume e com veneno / Alamo Oliveira -- Episodio 2: O principe dos regressos / Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto -- Episodio 3: Marinheiro com residencia fixa / Urbano Bettencourt. Three part documentary on the life and work of three Azorean writers, Alamo de Oliveira, Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto and Urbano Bettencourt. Includes biographical sketches, commentary by the authors and their contemporaries, with dramatic readings from their works. Originally presented as segments on a television series. In Portuguese. 2005.

Azores - Museum Itenary

A visit to eight regional museums throughout the Azores highlighting the historical, artistic and ethnographic heritage or the region. 1997. 60 min.

Azores, 9 Islands: An Intimate Journey (Acores, 9 ilhas: uma viagem intima)

Recounts travels through the 9 islands of the Azores by a television reporter about 20 years ago with emphasis on the pristine beauty of the islands. 2007. 56 min.


Overview of the cultural heritage, monuments, history, folk art and handicrafts of the municipality of Barcelos, Portugal. 2002. 18 min. ;

Carnaval 2000: Dancas e Bailinhos da Ilha Terceira (Selecc~ao)

Presents three musical and dance presentations from Carnaval 2000 held on Terceira Island in the Azores. Danca de pandeiro: "O colch~ao das maravilhas" (47 min.) -- Bailinho: "Os Santos populares" (33 min.) -- Bailinho: "Baile das velhas" (35 min.) In Portuguese. 115 min. 2000.

Historias de Portugal: A Crise de 1383-1385

Three segments from a documentary television program focused on the history of Portugal. This segment of the series looks at the causes of the economic crisis in Portugal between 1383 and 1385. Episodio 1: A rainha que o povo rejeitou -- Episodio 2: Aljubarrota -- Episodio 3: A inclita Gerac~ao. 90 min. In Portuguese without subtitles. 2005

Historias de Portugal: A Fundac~ao

Three segments from a documentary television program focused on the history of Portugal. These segments deal with the early history of the founding of major population centers in the country. In Portuguese without subtitles. 2005