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Domestic Terrorism. (Terrorism, Aims and Objectives)

This program looks at what makes educated -- sometimes highly educated men and women take up arms in an ideological bid to overthrow their democratic governments; and it shows why some fail, while others are more successful in attaining their goals. It also shows why highly motivated and intelligent terrorists are so difficult for police to catch, and underscores the inevitable temptations for government to bend or break the law in order to bring the culprits to justice. Looks at terrorist activities in Italy, Northern Ireland and Spain. c1995. 52 min.

Il fare politica: cronache della Toscana rossa

Follows one Italian Communist Party (PCI) group in the area of Tuscany from 1982-2004. In Italian with optional French and English subtitles. Diretto de Hugues Le Paige. 2007. 86 min.

Il linguaggio del tempo: conversazione con Vittorio Foa

Vittorio Fao, one of the founding fathers of the republic and historical Italian Left reflects on changes in the language that reflect changes in the 20th century culture of the country. This historical and philosophical reflection moves the viewer back to the Italian and European wars, reconstruction, civil strife, and the advent of mass communication, radio, TV, and the Internet. In Italian without English subtitles. 2004. 18 min.

La cosa

The Italian Communist Party (PCI) planned to change its name and identity and renew itself into a new 'thing'. This is a selection of talks which took place in various sections of the party throughout Italy before the congress. In Italian without English subtitles. 1990. 59 min.

La primavera del 2002: l'Italia protesta, l'Italia si ferma

Follows the activities and demonstrations by members of the Italian labor union CGIL, as they mobilize Italians to protest the changes in labor laws promoted by prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in 2002. Text accompanying videocassette: Diciottesimo parallelo : la ripresa del conflitto sociale in Italia / a cura di Gabriele Polo. 2002. In Italian. PAL format. 53 min.

Monti Moments: Men's Memories in the Heart of Rome

Provides an intimate portrait of social change in Monti, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in Rome. Told through engaging informal conversations with local inhabitants, the film speaks to important issues at the heart of contemporary social science -- issues of history, memory, and voice -- as well as to the effects of rapid socioeconomic change in urban neighborhoods. Filmed and produced by Michael Herzfeld. 2006. 39 min.


A documentary on the customs of the people of Siena, Italy centering on the celebration of the Palio di Siena, an 18th-century political horse race still held between 17 city districts. 38 min.

The Venice Gondola Pageant

Presents the Regata Storica, a great water pageant in Venice, Italy, featuring standing oarsmen in period costume re-enacting the pirate raid. The races and parades of crafts in addition to concerts and exhibitions add to a grand spectacle. 1986. 30 min.


A documentary film which examines the high-glitz, lowbrow, celebrity-obsessed culture promulgated by Sergio Berlusconi's monopolistic media empire. The film analyzes the power of television broadcasting in Italy and how it affects the behavior and choices of the Italian population. Director, Erik Gandini. 2010. 85 min.