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A Million Bricks.

Tells the story of Springfield Park, a housing estate built in the early Sixties in West Belfast, made up of both Catholic and Protestant families who lived together in harmony until "The Troubles" erupted in the early Seventies when the neighborhood was caught in a three-way crossfire between nationalist and loyalist forces and the occupying British Army. Today, on the site of what was once Belfast's last religiously mixed community, Protestants and Catholics are separated by the peace line, a wall of a million bricks. c1999. 59 min.

Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Fein.

Tells the inside story of the Irish Republican Army and its political wing Sinn Fein and America's involvement in the "armed struggle" against Great Britain. While America's Irish community has helped supply weapons and money, political maneuvering in Washington has had significant influence on both sides. Film concludes with consideration of the possibility of a settlement to this century's oldest conflict. Originally broadcast as a segment of the PBS television program: Frontline. 1997. 60 min.

Culture Makes Communities.

Six projects from the North of England are featured here demonstrating how arts projects can lead to a significant energising of communities, either directly, or indirectly through their impact on individuals. 2000. 20 min.

Domestic Terrorism. (Terrorism, Aims and Objectives)

This program looks at what makes educated -- sometimes highly educated men and women take up arms in an ideological bid to overthrow their democratic governments; and it shows why some fail, while others are more successful in attaining their goals. It also shows why highly motivated and intelligent terrorists are so difficult for police to catch, and underscores the inevitable temptations for government to bend or break the law in order to bring the culprits to justice. Looks at terrorist activities in Italy, Northern Ireland and Spain. c1995. 52 min.

Four Days in July

In this made-for-television drama set in the Ulster province of Ireland, two families are depicted in their every day life for four days, from July 11th to July 13. The year is not specified. One family is Catholic, the other is Protestant. Their ways are quite different, but both wives are pregnant, and both have their baby on the same day, July 12th. Written and directed by Mike Leigh. 1984. 99 min.

Guerre et Paix en Irlande.

The film retraces the conflict in Northern Ireland through film footage of events and comments of citizens representing the various factions that have resulted in the struggles through the years from 1968 until the present. 1998. 90 min.

In the Name of Liberation.(Age of Terror)

This program analyzes terrorism used in the name of national liberation through studies of covert wars for independence in British Palestine, British Malaya, French Algeria, apartheid South Africa, and Northern Ireland.

Irish Ways.

An examination of the Irish Republican Army and the conflict in Northern Ireland. 52 min.
Full-text review from:ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries

Mirror, Mirror.

This program focuses on the Loyalists of Northern Ireland: Protestant, anti-Catholic, anti-European, anti-Irish, monarchist, they clearly belong to a nation-state, the United Kingdom, but feel abandoned by the British people, who no longer share their traditional values. 50 min.

Mise a‰ire

Presents the history of Ireland from the 1896 through 1918, using contemporary newsreel footage and still photos. It features the momentous events surrounding Easter Week 1916, and additional footage of Dublin during the Rising and of the main protagonists, including Tom Clarke, James Connolly, a‰amon de Valera and Patrick Pearse. An tine bheo : Veterans revisit the scenes of battle and recall the events of the 1916 Rising.