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When the Guests Stayed On...

This film documents the lives of several Turkish families in the Bavarian town of Forchheim who originally came here in the 1960s as 'guest workers'. Instead of going back to Turkey, they settled in Germany, raised their children there, and are now watching their children raise families of their own. c1997. 37 min.

When the Wall Came Tumbling Down: 50 Hours That Changed the World.

Using never-before-seen footage, this compelling film shows what really happened November 9th-11th, 1989 during the fall of the Berlin Wall. General Secretary Gorbachev, President Bush, Chancellor Kohl, General Secretary Krenz, NBC news correspondent Tom Brokaw, and others describe first-hand what occurred behind the scenes. Commentary by Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, Helmut Kohl,Egon Krenz, James A. Baker, Tom Brokaw. 1999. 89 min.

Wie werde ich Demokrat?

After World War II Allied powers in Germany decided to lead back the "Outlaw nation" into the community of the civilized nations. From 1945 to 1952 the British/American "Welt im Film" series produced propaganda and documentary films for the purpose of re-education of the German population. This 3 disc set features twelve of these re-education films addressing the psychology, politics, culture and everyday life of post-War Germans from an Allied viewpoint. Disc 1. Wie werde ich demokrat = Comment devenir democrate? = How do I become a democrat?

Young People in Germany

Presents 2 segments from a German television news magazine. Part 1 presents interviews with young adults in Germany concerning their present attitudes and hopes for the future. Part 2 visits the controversial "spelling reform" designed to make the German language simpler and more logical. 1999. 27 min.