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Communicating through the Internet; Dual citizenship

Presents 2 segments from a German television news magazine. Part 1 takes a look at how the Internet is affecting Germans and the uses they make of it forwork and pleasure. Part 2 examines proposed changes to take effect in 2000 in the citizenship laws of Germany, which would expand dual citizenship. 1998. 27 min.


A chronicle of the divided Germany's final days, this documentary shot over a ten-day period leading to the union of the East and the West on July 1, 1990, observes what is changing and what remains unchanged and unaffected by the unification process.

Deutschland 09: 13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation

A compilation of thirteen short films-- including documentary, drama and satire-- by contemporary German filmmakers. Each film provides a snapshot of the political and social climate in post-reunification Germany.

Die Deutschen

An overview of German history, focusing on the lives of major historical figures from Otto the Great in the 10th century to Wilhelm II and Philipp Scheidemann in 1918. Contents: 1. Otto und das Reich -- 2. Heinrich und der Papst -- 3. Barbarossa und der Lowe -- 4. Luther und die Nation -- 5. Wallenstein und der Krieg -- 6. Preussens Friedrich und die Kaiserin -- 7. Napoleon und die Deutschen -- 8. Robert Blum und die Revolution -- 9. Bismarck und das Deutsche Reich -- 10. Wilhelm und die Welt. In German without English subtitles.

Die Macht der Gefuhle & Serpentine Gallery Program (1961-2005)

One Feature film, a compilation of 6 German television programs and five short films created by the noted German producer and director Alexander Kluge. Disc 1. Das todliche Dreieck (1 min.), 2006 -- Die Macht der Gefuhle = The Power of Emotion (112 min.), 1983 -- Feuerloscher E. A. Winterstein = E. A. Winterstein, Fire Extinguisher (11 min.), 1968 -- Disc 2.

Die Weimarer Klassik: Das Land der Griechen mit der Seele suchend.

The film seeks to introduce the literary history of Weimar, the city of Goethe and Schiller, through the medium of two contemporary young people, one a German student working as a guide, and a Brasilian student visitor, who wanders among the historic sites of this city. Excerpts from Goethe's 'Faust' and Schiller's 'Wallenstein' are shown as well. In German. 1995. 30 min.

East Germany Opens Its Borders: Thursday, November 9, 1989 / ABC News.

The fight for freedom and democracy pays off for millions of East Germans, as the border between East and West Germany is finally opened. On this historic day when The Berlin Wall falls, Ted Koppel interviews journalists from East Germany, the Soviet Union and others concerning the ramifications of this historic event. 38 min.

Environmentally Friendly Construction in Cities

Presents 2 segments from a German television news magazine. Part 1 looks at several examples of organic architecture in German cities. Part 2 visits Dresden and one of the most famous late baroque buildings, the Zwinger Semper Gallery. 1997. 27 min.

Flustern & Schreien: ein Rock-report

Features concert clips and interviews with band members from Chicoree, Die Zollner, Feeling B, This Pop Generation, and more, as it shows how the young adults of East Germany used legendary punk and glam bands to protest the direction their country was heading. A film by Dieter Schumann, Michael Losche, Jochen Wisotski. 1988. 116 min.

From Weimar to Bonn (De Weimar a Bonn).

A Documentary using archival films to cover the thirty year history of the Federal Republic of Germany. 30 min.