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El Salvador

1932, Cicatriz de la Memoria (Scars of Memory)

In 1932 the army and "citizen militias" in El Salvador brutally crushed an uprising of peasants in western El Salvador, killing 10,000 people. Survivors share their harrowing memories, many for the first time. The trauma resonated through six decades of military rule, until the 1992 peace accords ended a brutal, 12-year civil war. This documentary is based on 200 interviews with survivors and on archival research in El Salvador, Great Britain and the United States. 53 min.

An Interview with Sister Ita Ford [Sound recording]

David Helvarg interviews Sister Ita Ford, a Maryknoll Sister working in El Salvador during 1980. She was murdered there on 12/4/80. A few days before her death she talked about her work; the potential food scarcity in El Salvador, the refugees, liberation theology, and the polarization of El Salvadoreans. Pacifica Radio Archives, 1980. 19 min.

Dateline, San Salvador.

On May 1, 1986, 80,000 Salvadorians, in protest of their conditions, marched the streets of their capital demanding an end to the war. This video documents this historic march and explores the concerns of the people behind the banners. Spanish dialogue, English voiceover. c1986. 28 min.

El Salvador, Another Vietnam.

Examines the conditions and events in El Salvador. Compares U.S. military aid, involvement and policy in El Salvador to that in Vietnam during the 60's. Produced/directed by Glenn Silber and Tete Vasconcellos. c1981. 60 min. [preservation copy] vhs
web web sites:Description from Icarus Films catalog

El Salvador: The Elections [Sound Recording]

Pacifica coverage of election week in El Salvador via satellite from Washington, March 24 to 30, 1982 Pacifica Radio Archives, [1982].

Enemies of War

This broadcast documentary examines the 12 year civil war in El Salvador between the right wing government, the military, and the leftist guerrillas (FMLN), the murders of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in 1989, the U.S. Congressional investigation the murders spurred, and the story of El Salvador's journey toward peace, ending in a peace accord in 1992. The participation of the United States government and the Catholic Church in the conflict is discussed. Directed by Esther Cassidy; co-director Rob Kuhns.

Following Antigone: Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights Investigations

Since 1984, the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) and other similar groups have helped families of human right victims to find, identify and bury the remnants of their loved ones and bring evidence to court. This documentary shows various aspects of the application of forensic sciences to human rights investigations.

Guazapa: The Face of War in El Salvador.

Presents an American journalist's view of life in a combat zone in El Salvador, showing the relationship between combatants and civilians in a revolution. 1988. 37 min.

Idealogical Terrorism

Four terrorist organizations committed to fighting authority are discussed: the Red Brigades in Italy, Baader-Meinhof/Red Army Faction in Germany, Death Squads in El Salvador, and the White Supremacists in the United States. Despite the similarity in terrorist tactics, these groups subscribe to different idealogical points of view. Directed by Robert D. Kline. 1996. 46 min.