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Cape Verde

Fintar o Destino (Dribbling Fate) (Portugal | Cape Verde, 1998)

Directed by Fernando Vendrell. A sports film with a distinctly African twist. On the Cape Verde islands a small-town grocery-store owner Mane recalls his past glories with the national soccer team Benefica during the '50's. Obsessed with the sport, Mane attempts to train a local team without much success, so when he sees promise in young Kalu he goes for broke, spending his wife's savings on tickets to Lisbon in hopes of connecting Kalu with Benefica. In French and Creole with English subtitles. 77 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

O Testamento do Sr. Napumoceno (Napumoceno's will). (Portugal | Brazil | Cape Verde | France | Belgium, 1997)

Directed by Francisco Manso. The film is an epic farce from one of the world's least known but most culturally complex societies - Cape Verde. This classic tale of the hollowness at the core of provincial bourgeois life introduces English speaking audiences to Germano Almeida, one of the outstanding writers in Portuguese today. With its novelistic breadth, the film offers a bildungsroman of a man and a society so caught up in the pursuit of conventional success and prestige it overlooks its true self almost until it is too late. In Portuguese with English subtitles. 106 min.