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Afrique, Je te Plumerai (Africa, I'm Going to Fleece You) (Cameroon, 1992)

A film by Jean-Marie Teno A sardonic essay on the history of colonialism in Cameroon, and by extension, on the African continent. Focuses on historical as well as contemporary European cultural domination, particularly in the publishing and media industry. French with English subtitles. In French with English subtitles. 88 min.
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Baka: People of the Forest

Depicts a journey to a rain forest in southeastern Cameroon, home of the Baka people. The camera follows a family -- father, mother, and two young sons -- for an intimate look at everyday life in a hunter-gatherer society. Viewers join the Baka by day as they harvest honey, catch fish, and use forest plants to make medicines and see them by night as legends are passed on and as a family prepares for the birth of a baby. Originally produced in 1988. 61 min.

Birth of a Democracy (South series).

Looks at Cameroon's current political climate, and gathers the thoughts of Cameroonians from all social strata and economic backgrounds. A revealing collage of the birth of a uniquely African democracy is presented. 1991. 25 min.

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Cameroon: Little Mothers of the Bush (Growing Up Young series).

The story of two little girls who belong to the Falli tribe of Northern Cameroon. The children of this tribe are physically advanced beyond what is normal for their age in other cultures. It is the obligation of the little girls to care for the infants of the family and to help in the fields and with the cooking. Dist.: Films Media Group. 991. 26 min.

Chief! La Tete Dans les Nuages(Head in the Clouds)

Chef!: The filmmaker locates the roots of Africa's authoritarian regimes in the patriarchal family, reinforced by traditional kingship and the colonial experience. He made a visit to his ancestral village, Bandjoun, in the Ghomala speaking region of Western Cameroon, where he planned to film dances dedicating a monument to King Kamga Joseph II, the filmmakers' great grand uncle, but the ceremony soon turned into a celebration of one-man rule, in particular Cameroonian President Paul Biya's.

Clando (Clandestine). (Cameroon, 1996)

A film by Jean-Marie Teno. Sobgui, a former computer programmer, drives a "clando" cab in Douala, Cameroon's streets. He is clandestine, not just because his cab is unlicensed, but because he is hiding from his past. When a radical political group involves him in a revenge slaying of an informer, Sobgui knows that it is time to get out of Douala. He gets his chance when he is asked to find a wealthy villager's son in Germany. The film represents a dilemma facing educated Africans: whether to work to change the autocratic regimes at home or seek their fortunes abroad.


Describes daily life in Cameroon as experienced by Peace Corps volunteers who live in the communities of Andek, Ambam and Bogo. 1995. 20 min.

Le Grand Blanc de Lambarene (The Great White Man of Lambarene). (Gabon | Cameroon | France, 1994)

Director: Bassek Ba Kobhio Cast: Andre Wilms, Marisa Berenson, Alex Descas, Elisabeth Bourgine, Philippe Maury Cameroonian filmmaker Bassek Ba Kobhio provides a revisionist perspective on Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner and secular saint of the colonial era. Shot on the site of Schweitzer's hospital in Gabon, the film reveals him to be a man blinded to the people around him by his own spiritual self-absorption and arrogance. His paternalism leads him to cast Africans as childlike primitives to be protected from modernity, which for Ba 1995. 89 min.

Mr. Foot (South series).

A light hearted look at Cameroon's national obsession - soccer. 1991. 20 min.
web web sites:Description from First Run/Icarus catalog

North-South.com (Nordsud.com)

Documentary that explores how young women in the African Republic of Cameroon use internet cafes to search for marriage prospects in Europe to escape poverty. Interviews many of these young women who see Europe as a "paradise," and who express incredibly naïve beliefs about European men. The film also tells the stories of several Cameroonian women who married white Europeans, showing their current situations, the cultural differences with which they deal, and the personal sacrifices they made in exchange for economic security. A film by Francois Ducat. 2007. 90 min.