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Burundi: Reconciliation Radio (Africa: Search for Common Ground; 3)

Examines Rwanda and Burundi where hate radio has been used to incite ethnic violence. But now in Burundi, radio is also being utilized as a means of building understanding and promoting reconciliation. 1997. 26 min.

In the Wake of War.(Life; 4)

Thousands of refugees from Burundi are returning to their homeland convinced that the bitter civil war may be coming to an end. Using traditional mediation systems and peacemakers Burundi is introducing innovative peace and reconciliation projects. The aim is to start a grass roots movement to bring a lasting peace to Burundi and its long-suffering citizens. This program examines the future for Burundi, for power sharing and for a rapprochement between warring factions. Directed by James Heer. 2005. 24 min.