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Identity: The True Story of Juan Piras Peron

In 1909 emigrant Giovanni Piras left from Sardinia for Argentina. A few years later he vanished, but then his traces allegedly overlap with those of Juan Domingo Peron. There is in Argentina a significant minority of the population that believes that Juan Peron was born in the Sardinian region of Italy rather than being partially descended from Sardinian ancestors, as his official biography portrays him. This documenary expores the source of this controversy which for some has never been resolved. Written and directed by Chiara Bellini and Faustina Hanglin.

Inundados de Santa Fe 2003

Looks at the floods of 2003 in the Argentine province of Santa Fe which have caused extensive damage to families and property and at protests by local people and organizations against the Argentine government's lack of response to the crisis. 2003. 25 min. In Spanish. PAL format.

It Happened in Hualfin (Ocurrido en Hualfin)

This trilogy of short films presents an emotionally moving examination of the generational cycle of poverty of indigenous workers in Catamarca, Argentina. Gleyzer's student thesis film. Directed and edited by Raymundo Gleyzer. 1966. 50 min.

Japan Across the Seas (Japon a traves de los mares)

This documentary looks at the ways in which the art andculture of Japan came to Argentina and the various fusions that have resulted through cross-cultural contact. The life histories of immigrant Japanese and their children are retold, including an interview with Maria Kodama, the Japanese-Argentine widow of writer Jorge Luis Borges. 1998. 52 min.

Juan Peron.

This program covers the rise and fall and rise again of Juan Peron. c1990. 13 min.

Julio Cortazar, Entrevista.

The Argentine author, Julio Cortazar, talks about his life and work in this surprising and intimate portrait of a writer who is obsessed with self-definition in a world of sinister evasion. c1988. 40 min.

La Esperanza Incierta (Uncertain Hope) (South Series).

Looks at the current socio-political climates in four South American countries; Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. c1991. 52 min.
web web sites:Description from Icarus Films catalog

La tierra sin mal.

Documentary on the religious influence the Jesuits had on the Guarani Indians in the region of Misiones located in Northeast Argentina. VHS format (PAL) In Spanish without subtitles. 199-? 23 min.

Las batallas de San Martin

Presents the major battles of the Argentine General Jose de San Martin, the prime leader of the southern part of South America's successful struggle for independence from Spain. Contents: 1. El combate de San Lorenzo -- 2. El cruce de los Andes -- 3. Chacabuco, un paso clave -- 4. La sorpresa de Cancha Rayada -- 5. Maipu, derrota realista -- 6. Expedicion al Peru. 2007. 210 min.

Las Madres: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

Mothers who believe their children were kidnapped by the Argentine government tell how they banded together in 1977 to demonstrate in the Plaza de Mayo to publicize their complaints and to seek assistance in finding their missing children and punishing the kidnappers. A film by Lourdes Portillo. 1986. 64 min ; AwardsInternational Documentary Association web web sites: Women Make Movies catalog description