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Krieg und Frieden & Der Kandidat

Disc 1. Krieg und Frienden = War and peace / directors, Stefan Aust, Alexander Kluge, Volker Schlondorff (118 min.), 1982 -- Auf der Suche nach einer praktisch-realistischen Haltung (12 min.), 1983 -- So tuckisch sind Friedensschlusse (1 min.), 2006. -- Disc 2. Der Kandidat = The Candidate / directors, Stefan Aust, Alexander Kluge, Alexander von Eschwege, Volker Schlondorff (124 min), 1980 -- GroaŸe Reiche mu? man leiten wie man kleine Fischlein brat (15 min.), 1993 -- Sturm uber Agypten (1 min.), 2006. Two documentary films and four shorts created by the noted German producer and director Alexander Kluge. Krieg unde Frieden (War and peace): This documentary and fiction film was a cooperative writing effort by five different German writers and/or directors, one of the most noted being the 1972 Nobel prize winner Heinrich Boll. Boll was specifically responsible for three fictive episodes at the end of the film that promote an anti-nuclear, pro-peace message ("Space Talk," "Atom Bunker," and "Kill Your Sister"). Documentary footage of Chancellors Helmut Kohl and Helmut Schmidt in action, along with various European and American leaders highlight the urgent issues of the day. Der Kandidat (The Candidate): This political documentary puts together clips from newsreels, archives, and television to review the controversial career of Franz Josef Strauss who was running for Chancellor of West Germany at the time this documentary was made. Strauss founded the Christian Socialist Union and had a long political history as a parliamentarian (1949), Special Minister (1952), and by 1955 was Minister of Defense. His career began to unravel when a series of scandals hit the presses that involved him in kickbacks and abuses of power. Strauss was forced to resign his post as Defense Minister in the early 1960s. Films were originally produced 1993-2006.

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