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Helke Sander (Edition der Filmemacher)

DVD #1. BeFreier und Befreite 1 (1991/92) (90 min.) ; BeFreier und Befreite 2 = Liberators take liberties, pt. 1-2 (1991/92) (102 min.) BeFreier und Befreite: Documents the 1945 mass rape of German women and girls by the advancing Soviet army. DVD #2. Der subjektive Faktor = The subjective factor (1981) (138 min.) ; Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure = Break the power of the manipulators (1967/68) (49 min.) Der subjektive Faktor: This story handles the movement to end discrimination against women - and its context, through a semi-autobiographical account of the years between 1967 and 1970 that the director Helke Sander spent in West Berlin. Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure: The film was produced for Finnish television in 67/68. It not only documents but also reflects on the campaign of the German new left against the German publishing house Springer which still publishes the most powerful German right-wing tabloid Bild (think of the Murdoch Press) and which in the heated sixties and seventies tried to instigate public opinion against the student movement. DVD #3. Der Beginn aller Schrecken ist Liebe = Trouble with love = Love is the beginning of all terror (1983) (112 min.) ; Die allseitig reduzierte Personlichkeit, redupers = Allround reduced personality, redupers (1977) (95 min.) Der Beginn aller Schrecken ist Liebe: The unfortunate Traugott suddenly finds himself caught between his former lover Freya (director, Helke Sander) and his new love Irmtraut, both women are good friends-- or were. Die allseitig reduzierte Personlichkeit, redupers: A free-lance photojournalist struggles to realize herself as an artist and as a woman straddling multiple worlds- work, womanhood, motherhood, East, West, capitalism and socialism. DVD #4. Mitten im Malestream = In the midst of the malestream (2005) (92 min.) ; Hannelore Mabry, ein portra¤t = Hannelore Mabry, a portrait (2005) (32 min.) ; Muttertier, Muttermensch = Mother beast, mother human (1998) (63 min.) Mitten im Malestream: Sander uses a wide range of old documentary material, often recorded by filmmakers, journalists or media avant-gardists on early electronic equipment to present a documentary touching on the core question of the women's movement in Germany: the politics of motherhood, men's perception of themselves as fathers, the legalization of abortion, women's silent "child-bearing strike', and the political struggle between the women's movement and the Christian churches. A discussion on these issues held in Berlin, Fall 2004, was used as a framework for the film. Hannelore Mabry, ein portra¤t: Film clips of interviews, both old and new, of women's rights activist, sociologist, actress and critic of the church, Hannelore Mabry. Muttertier, Muttermensch: Does being a woman automatically make one a mother? What does it mean to be born female? This television documentary addresses the views of today's women concerning the maternal role. DVD #5. Dorf = Village (2001) (90 min.) ; Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste Nr. 1 = From the reports of security guards & patrol services Nr. 1 (1984) (11 min.) ; Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste Nr. 5 = From the reports of security guards & patrol services Nr. 5 (1986) (10 min.) ; Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste Nr. 8 = From the reports of security guards & patrol services Nr. 8 (1986) (6 min.) ; Subjektitude = Subjectitude (1966) (4 min., 20 sec.) ; Silvo = Silvo (1967) (11 min.) ; Vollerei?-Futtern! = Gluttony?-Feeling! (1986) (13 min.) ; Eine Pra¤mie fur Irene = Bonus for Irene (1971) (50 min.). Dorf: This documentary examines the German village of Kortenbeck, exploring the impact of history and the social atmosphere, as well as the changes taking place due to globalization. Nr. 1. Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste: Based on a true event, a young mother with her two small children climb onto an arm of a building crane. The mother threatens to jump unless affordable housing is found for her by the evening. Nr. 5. Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste: A man prevents a rape of a woman, then rapes the victim himself. A third party comes to the aid of the woman. Another woman observes these events from a distance and calls the police who end up arresting the wrong man. Based on a true event. Nr. 8. Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste: A customer in a china shop repeatedly demands a simple piece of information from the store clerk. Based on a true event. Subjektitude: This short is shot from the differing persectives of three people waiting for the bus. Sander's first film. Silvo: Documentary showing the daily routine of Sander's seven year old son, Silvo. Vollerei? Futtern!: Part of the episodic film, Seven women, seven sins, this is a different take on the Adam and Eve story. Eve does eat the apple and her curiosity makes her human. Her generous gesture of offering people things turns into a compulsion to feed others. Pra¤mie fur Irene: The domestic and working life of Irene, a single mother with two children, is depicted in a somewhat comic strip style.

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