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[Wright, Frank Lloyd] The Architecture Of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Includes extensive views of his works, photographed from a human perspective to create the sense of a personal tour. 1983. 75 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] The Frank Lloyd Wright Way: Apprentices to Genius.

This film views the architect Frank Lloyd Wright from the perspective of four of his apprentices. They studied under him and worked beside him on the construction of many of his famous buildings. They were exposed to his genius and forceful personality and all of them retained his inspiration throughout the rest of their lives. Using historical film footage, still photographs, drawings and plans, the four apprentices provide an upclose and personal portrait of the genius and the man. c1995. 51 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] The House On The Waterfall.

Frank Lloyd Wright sought to bring beauty of natural things into the great buildings he created. Fallingwater is the essence of Wright's life-long love affair with nature. 1989. 30 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Three Eras: Frank Lloyd Wright - Home, Work, Worship.

Examines buildings in Wisconsin that represent Wright's three architectural eras: 1916, the American System Duplex and the Bogk House on Milwaukee's east side; 1936, the Johnson Wax administrative offices in Racine; and 1956, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on Milwaukee's northwest side. Contents: Places for living / producer, Claudia Looze -- A place for work / producer, Anthony Wood -- A place for worship / producer, Darlyne C. Berg. 1993. 58 min.

[Wright, Gwendolyn] A Prismatic History of Modern Architecture

This lecture is presented by Gwendoly Wright, Professor of Architecture at Columbia University. Wright's work focuses principally on American architecture and urbanism from the late-nineteenth century to the present day. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on September 24, 2008. 76 min.

[Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd] A Partner to Genius: Olgivanna Lloyd Wright

Examines the life of the charismatic Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, wife of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Includes interviews with present and past members of the Taliesin Fellowship, daughter Iovanna and grandaughter Eve, family films, and archival footage of both Taliesin and Taliesin West. 1993. 58 min.

[Wright, Richard] Richard Wright: Black Boy.

Biographical sketch of the Afro-American writer, Richard Wright. Includes a discussion of his literary works and the times in which he lived, weaving together dramatic recreations from Wright's work and recollections of friends and scholars. It follows Wright's journey from a childhood of poverty through the Chicago Black cultural renaissance of the 1930's, the Communist Party during the Depression, the MacCarthy-era, the American expatriate community in 1950's Paris and his final years. 1994. 87 min.
web web sites: Description from California Newsreel catalog

[Wright, Richard] Richard Wright: Writing is His Weapon

Discusses the life, work, and ideas of the black American novelist Richard Wright. Born to poor sharecroper parents in the deep South in 1908, this self-taught author, whose novels focus on the harsh life experiences of Afro-Americans refused to let the obstacles of segregation, limited educational facilities and racism discourage him. 1995. 25 min.
African Americans and the Educational System

[Wyeth, Andrew] The World of Andrew Wyeth. (Portrait of an Artist; 6 )

Filmed in Maine and Pennsylvania where Wyeth has spent his working life, this documentary is a relaxed and friendly interview, intercut with sensitive footage of Wyeth's work and of the landscapes and environmental images which are its inspiration. 1980. 69 min.

[Yang; Soo-In; Benjamin, David] Life Now

This lecture is presented by David Benjamin and Soo-In Yang, of "Living Architects" and authors of "life size." This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on April 23, 2008. 71 min.

[Yim, Rocco] Being Chinese in Architecture

A lecture presented by Rocco Yim of the Hong Kong based firm Rocco Design Architects, Ltd. Not well known yet, Rocco Design is one of a number of exciting new firms trying to draw on both Western modernism and Chinese tradition. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on November 9, 2005. 53 min.

[Yung, Ho Chang] Billions (CED Architecture Lecture Series)

A lecture by Yung Ho Chang, principal of the Beijing-based Atelier FCJZ and head of the Graduate Center of Architecture at Peking University. One of China's leading architects, Chang's designs have been described as innovative and international, while at the same time traditional and intrinsically Chinese. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on October 8, 2003. 90 min.

[Zagar, Isaiah] In a Dream

Over the past four decades, artist Isaiah Zagar has covered more than 50,000 square feet of Philadelphia with stunning mosaic murals. The murals chronicle his love for his wife, Julia, and subtly hint at the dark corners of an extraordinary imagination. Directed by Jeremiah Zagar. Special features: Paints on ceiling (short film); Coney Island, 1945 (short film); Cutting ice to snow (music video by Efterklang); Recommitment (short documentary); theatrical trailer; deleted scenes; alternate ending. 2008. 78 min.

[Zago, Andrew] Furtive Projections

A lecture presented by Detroit architect Andrew Zago, principal of Zago Architecture and visiting faculty in architecture at the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Ann Arbor. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on February 4, 2004. 86 min.

[Zellner, Peter amd Spina, Marcelo] Material Sensations

Introduction: Raveevarn Choksombatchai. A joint lecture presented by Los Angeles based architects Peter Zellner and Marcelo Spina. Peter Zellner is the founding principal of Zellner/Design Planning Research, an environmental consulting office that aims to bring innovative thinking to building and urban designs. Marcelo Spina is the founder and principal of PATTERNS, a design research architectural practice. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on February 2, 2005. 96 min.

¿Que Viva Mexico!¿ (Da zdravstvuyet Meksika!)

Director Sergei Eisenstein's long-lost silent film shot by the great Eduard Tisse in 1931. Divided into segments; a wedding, a bullfight, a fiesta, a dramatized abortive uprising at the turn of the century. Russian with English subtitles. 1979. 85 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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