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[Wiscombe, Tom] Emergent Architecture.

A speech by architect Tom Wiscombe, born in La Jolla, California, and based in Los Angeles and Vienna. In 1999, he founded Emergent, a network of designers and technicians dedicated to researching issues of globalism, technology, and materiality through built form. Introduction: Anthony Burke. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on November 17, 2004. 76 min.

[Wolch, Jennifer] Lively Cities

This lecture is presented by Jennifer Wolch, Dean of the College of Environmental Design at UCB. In this lecture she examines how environmental design can move beyond existing practices of good city form rooted in green building, smart growth, and landscape urbanism, in order to define a more inclusive model for "post-green" urbanism. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on September 2, 2009. 70 min.

[Wood, Beatrice] Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada

This documentary on the life of potter Beatrice Wood provides a glimpse into her life, loves and influences. Included are rare archival photographs, original artwork, and insightful commentary by art historians and interviews with Beatrice herself. Written and directed by Tom Neff. 93. 55 min.

[Wood, Dan and Andraos, Amale] Sur les paves la ferme

This lecture is presented by Amale Andraos and Dan Wood, principals of Work Architecture Company, New York (WORKac). They have taught together at Princeton University's School of Architecture, where they focus on the interactions between architecture, ecology and urbanism. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on November 5, 2008. 68 min.

[Work in Progress] Berkeley in the Sixties.

Newsreel clips of the Free Speech Movement and demonstrations, anti-draft demonstrations against the Vietnam War, and riots during the People's Park controversy at the University of California, Berkeley in the 1960s. Interviews with Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg, Jackie Goldberg, John Gage, Susan Griffin, Barbara Arnold (Jentri), Bobby Seale, Frank Bardacke. Contents: Free Speech Movement, Fall 1964 (7 min.) -- Stop the draft movement, October 1967 (7 min.) -- Peoples' Park, May 1969 (7 min.). Shown in connection with the opening of the Free Speech Movement Cafe, Moffitt Library, University of California, Berkeley on February 3, 2000. 21 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] 100 Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Contents: Documentary film : 100 women architects in the studio of Frank Lloyd Wright : a girl is a fellow here (19 min.) -- The back story : conversation with writer-director Beverly Willis (12 min.) -- Symposium : Architecture of writing : Wright, women and narrative (43 min.) -- A Wright fellow : Lois Gottlieb interview (7 min.) A girl is a fellow here : At a time when few architectural firms would hire women, Frank Lloyd Wright unhesitatingly employed women, giving them both training and the opportunity to practice. Ultimately, over 100 women architects and designers worked with Wright, many of them going on to remarkable careers of their own. This film features the work and words of 6 women architects who collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright: Marion Mahony, Isabel Roberts, Lois Davidson Gottlieb, Jane Duncombe, Eleanore Petersen, and Read Weber. Symposium : Architecture of writing : Wright, women and narrative: Using the film as a catalyst, Suzannah Lessard (moderator and author) and Gwendolyn Wright (architectural historian), with Carol Gilligan (psychologist and novelist), discuss how architectural writing -- whether fact, fiction or faction -- influences and perpetuates architecture's historical narrative. How do women architects fare within that narrative? Does it accurately represent women architects? How can we make historical narrative more transparent? 2009. 81 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] 1071 Fifth Avenue: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Secret Life of a Museum.

Presents the story of the Guggenheim Museum, a seventeen-year struggle played out between some of the greatest names of American art and architectural history. Commissioned by Hilla Rebay, the visionary first curator of the Museum and completed in 1959, six months after the death of its architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, the museum is now widely regarded as one of the great buildings of the world. This film brings the story up to date with the re-opening of the museum after complete restoration and the addition of a new extension. c1993. 52 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Butterfly-wing Bridge: Frank Lloyd Wright Architect

A television news story exploring the issues involved in replacing the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge using the Frank Lloyd Wright design originally drawn in 1949. Originally broadcast on KTVU Oakland TV in 1999. 5 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Fallingwater: The House Tour.

Your personal tour of Fallingwater, the most famous Frank Lloyd Wright house. Fallingwater is a spectacular three-story stone home suspended above a natural waterfall in the rugged Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania which includes the unique original furnishings and extensive art collection, all intact and in place. c1997. 30 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School.

Examines the origins of the Prairie School style as exemplified by the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright and his associates. The story of the style -- inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement and Louis Sullivan, is elaborated upon by using the words of Wright himself, art historians, and other architects. Video clips and archival photos demonstrate the contrast of the Victorian style and Wright's vision of the new American home. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2003. 57 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Frank Lloyd Wright and the Secret Life Of A Museum.

Tells the story of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 1993. 52 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Frank Lloyd Wright.

A film by Ken Burns, 1998. A two part documentary portrait of the life and work of architecture giant, Frank Lloyd Wright, a brilliant, arrogant figure unbowed by scandal and personal tragedy.
Part 1 reviews his early personal life, the beginning of his career and visits Wright's early architectural creations in the terraced "prairie houses" built in suburban Chicago in the early 1900s, the Larkin Building in New York, the Unity Temple in Oak Park, Ill., Taliesin East in Wisconsin and the Imperial Hotel in Japan. 77 min.
Part 2 continues to review his turbulent personal life, the advance of his career and examines Wright's architectural creations: Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, Taliesin West in Arizona and the controversial design of the Guggenheim Museum. 1998. 76 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Frank Lloyd Wright: Prophet Without Honor.

A look at one of the country's most famous architects. Through interviews, his controversial life and why he was never officially recognized in his home state of Wisconsin, are discussed. His house, Taliesin East, is the location for the discussion. 1975. 29 min. [preservation copy]

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Frank Lloyd Wright: The Mike Wallace Interviews.

In 1957 when Frank Lloyd Wright was 90 years old and in New York to supervise construction of his last masterpiece, the Guggenheim Museum, Mike Wallace invited him to be a guest on the television program "The Mike Wallace Interview." This documentary includes the two interview sessions from 1957, with an introduction and conclusion filmed in 1994 by Mike Wallace reflecting on his experiences with Frank Lloyd Wright. 53 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Frank Lloyd Wright: The Office for Edgar J. Kaufmann

Explores the personalities and creative decisions involved in the design of the office for Edgar J. Kaufmann, who also commissioned one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous creations, Fallingwater house. Includes interviews with Pedro E. Guerrero, architect Edgar Tafel and architect and grandson, Eric Lloyd Wright. c1993. 30 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Renewing Of A Vision: Frank Lloyd Wright, Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Reviews step by step the complete 1987 restoration of the exterior, interior, and furnishings of the Meyer May House originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908. 1987. 35 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Sacred Spaces: The Houses of Worship Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Examines the brilliant, but less well-known houses of worship designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. These magnificent sacred spaces transcend religious boundaries and demonstrate not only Wright's genius but also his devotion to nature which he said, "is all the body of God we are ever going to see."Unity Temple in Oak Park, Ill. -- Pettit Chapel in Belvidere, Ill. -- Pfeiffer Chapel and Danforth Chapel in Lakeland, Fla. -- Community Christian Church in Kansas City, Mo. -- Unitarian Meeting House in Madison, Wis. -- Beth Shalom Synagogue in Elkins Park, Pa. -- Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Wauwatos, Wis. -- Pilgrim Congregational Church in Redding, Calif. -- First Christian Church in Phoenix, Ariz. 2005. 53 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Taliesin-West: A Film by Jim Davis

An authorized documentary look at Frank Lloyd Wright's Arizona headquarters and teaching studio. Narration written by Frank Lloyd Wright 1950.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Taliesin: A Film by Jim Davis

Documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright's Wisconsin home. The last film examines the architecture of Chicago with special attention to the work of Mies van der Rohe, Wright and Sullivan. 1950. 17 min.

[Wright, Frank Lloyd] Taliesin: The Tradition Of Frank Lloyd Wright

Reaches back to 1932 when Wright and his wife, Olgivanna, co-founded the Taliesin Fellowship. 1990. 30 min.