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A Silent Disaster.

A documentary on the impact of riverline and oceanic erosion in the delta lands of Bangladesh. PAL format. In Bengali and English. 1997. 20 min.

A Single Spark (Arumdaun chongnyon Chon Tae-il) (1995)

Directed by Kwang-su Park. Biography of Chon Tae-il who was actively involved in the labor movement and set himself on fire in despair at the indifference of employers and the government. 96 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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A Skirt Full of Butterflies.

A film by Ellen Osborne, Maureen Gosling. In this film we hear from five women whose stories are interlaced with scenes of work and the resplendent festivities, music, poetry and paintings of the region. They show how valuable economic independence, community, friendship, cultural pride and respect for 'women's work' are in giving a woman self-esteem and a sense of purpose in life. c1993. 15 min.

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A Society Sensation (orig. 1918, re-released in 1924)

Directed by Edmund Mortimer. Cast: starring Carmel Myers, Rudolph Valentino, Zasu Pitts. A wealthy society playboy falls in love with the daughter of a poor fisherman. Based on the story The borrowed duchess by Perley Poore Sheehan. 25 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database


A Soldier's Duty.

Nations facing the threat of foreign military invasion or insurrection from within are often those where democracy is in its most fragile state. This program explores the situation in three countries where democracy has been at various times, under fire: Argentina, France and Israel. 1989. 57 min.

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A Son of Africa.

A docudrama based on the book, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Oloudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vaasa the African, which was the first influential slave autobiography. When it was published in 1789, it fueled a growing anti-slavery movement in the U.S. and England. This production employs dramatic reconstruction, archival material and interviews with scholars. Equiano's narrative begins in the West African village where he was kidnapped into slavery in 1756. He was shipped to a Virginia plantation and then later sold again to a British naval officer. Here he learned to read and write, became a skilled trader, eventually bought his freedom and married into English society where he became a leading abolitionist. 1996. 28 min.

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A Spray of Plum Blossoms (Yi jian mei) (China, 1931)

Directed by Wancang Bu. Cast: Ruan Lingyu, Jin Yan, Gao Zhanfei, Lin Chuchu, Wang Cilong. "Adapted from Shakespeare's 'The two gentlemen of Verona,' this film is set in 1920s China. Hu Luting and Bai Lede are both graduates from the Shanghai Military Academy. Hu Zhuli (Hu's sister) and Bai are in love. Hu is set to Canton under General Shi's command. Shi Luohua, the general's daughter, falls in love with Hu. Later, Bai joins his friend in Canton and feels attracted by Miss Shi. From then on, the two young men become rivals." 100 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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A Star is Bored (1956)

Daffy Duck must double for Bugs in any slapstick which Warners considers too dangerous for its star Bug Bunny. ;

A Star Is Born (1937)

Director, William A. Wellman. Cast: Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou, May Robson, Andy Devine, Lionel Stander. A fading star meets an aspiring actress, falls in love with and marries her. Her career skyrockets, while his continues to fade with tragic results. 111 min. Online Access through LFLFC and Kanopy

Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Reviews and articles:
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A Star is Hatched (1938)

Directed by Friz Freleng. Emily the chicken, lives in Hickville but dreams of Hollywood. Her chance comes when director J. Megga-Phone happens to drive past and gives her his card. She makes her way to Hollywood, and Megga-Phone's office, where she discovers a whole flock of hens with the same card and a completely uncaring Megga-Phone. She returns home to faithful Clem, and a chick with foolish notions.

A State of Mind

Following a strict routine, which involves several hours of daily workouts and gymnastic instruction, two young North Korean girls practice through exhaustion for the 2003 Mass Games, the largest choreographed spectacle on earth. A mixture of cinema verite and essay filmmaking, the documentary includes images of state-regulated schools, pubs, artistic performances and glimpses into the hardships of average North Koreans' lives in a manner almost never permitted by the Pyongyang government. The film also explores how the brutal 1950s U.S. bombings still stand as a lingering trauma in this nation of 22 million. Produced and directed by Daniel Gordon. 2006. 94 min.

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A Story from Chikamatsu (Chikamatsu monogatari) (1964)

Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. Cast: Kazuo Hasegawa, Kyo-ko Kagawa. In 17th century Kyoto, Osan is married to Ishun, a wealthy miserly scroll-maker. When Osan is falsely accused of having an affair with the best worker, Mohei, the pair flee the city and declare their love for each other. Ishun orders his men to find them, and separate them to avoid public humiliation. 102 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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A Story of Floating Weeds (Silent, 1934)

Directed by Yasujiro Ozu. A troupe of travelling players visiting a remote town where the ex-mistress of the leading actor lives. She has a son by the leading actor, but hasn't told her child the identity of his father. This is the original 1934, black & white, silent film, which was remade in 1959 in color as "Floating Weeds". 86 min. Both versions are on Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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A Story of Two River Banks

Examines the dispute between Argentina and Uruguay concerning the construction of pulp mills on the Uruguay River. As a diplomatic, economic, and public relations conflict between both parties, the dispute has affected tourism and transportation as well as the otherwise amicable relations between the two countries. This documentary features footage of the massive protest that blocked the international Libertador General San Martin Bridge (between Gualeguaychu and Fray Bentos) on 30 April 2005. The do Directed by Cristian Jure. 2006. 58 min.

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A Summer at Grandpa's (Dong dong de jia qi) (Taiwan, 1984)

Directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien.After their mother becomes hospitalized, two city children find themselves spending the summer in the country with their grandfather. 93 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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A Tale of Two Kitties (1942)

Babbit and Catstello, take-offs on Bud Abbott and Lou Costello try to catch the little Tweety bird, using everything from stilts to dynamite. Trouble is, the tiny bird has a vicious streak in him.

A Tale of Two Rivers

Shows the significance to the study of human development of the valleys of the Dordogne and then Vezere rivers in France. Includes scenes of modern life in the Dordogne and then explores the area's importance in the study of history. Discusses the significance of various archeological sites and examines the concern of present-day inhabitants for preserving their Languedocian customs and language. The narration is edited from interviews with archeologists, historians, and art historians. 1974. 40 min.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon) (South Korea, 2003)

Directed by Ji-woon Kim. Cast: Yeom Jeong-A, Im Soo-Jung, Moon Geun-Young, Kim Kab-Su. Something strange is happening when Su-mi and her younger sister, Su-yeon, come home to their father's large but dark and somewhat foreboding house after a stay in the hospital. Their dad is taciturn and burdened, and their stepmother, Eun-joo, greets them with forced enthusiasm and more than a little sense of irritation. But that's nothing compared to what happens when bedtime rolls around. Special features: Commentary with director, cinematographer and lighting director ; Commentary with director and stars ; Original promotional footage ; Hidden feature: a letter from Su-yeon. 115 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
See also:
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A Tango Story (Si sos brujo: una historia de tango)

A moving documentary following the quest of Ignacio, a young Argentine musician who races to find legendary maestros from tango's golden age (now men in their eighties) in order to save the almost lost oral transmission of style before the secrets of the real tango are gone forever. Includes performances by tango maestros Leopoldo Federico, Jose Libertella, and Atilio Stampone. Director, Caroline Neal. 2005. 79 min.

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