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The Fall of the Wall: The Path to German Reunification.

Covers the dramatic events of Fall 1989 in East Germany: breakdown, upheaval and a new start. Peaceful demonstrations, calls for freedom and democracy, the collapse of the SED regime, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first free elections. The two separate German states ceased to exist and the Iron Curtain came down, ending the war which had pitted this country against itself and forcing a reconsideration of the preexisting conceptions of the "enemy" and a reconstruction of the word "ally." Contents: Part 1. The critical days of October 1989: the 40th anniversary of the GDR and the consequences (Die entscheidenden Tage im Oktober 1989). -- Part 2. The critical days of November and December, 1989: from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the conclusion of the 1989 Monday demonstrations (Die entscheidenden Tage in November und Dezember 1989.) Originally produced in Germany in 1994. 2 tapes. 180 min.

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