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East Side Story.

"That's Entertainment," Communist style. A documentary of Soviet and Eastern bloc communist musical films. Comrades drive tractors, sweep factory floors, feed farm animals, harvest crops, all the while singing their hearts out about the joys of socialism. Included are interviews with people involved in the making of some of these movies, as well as a film historian and moviegoers. Film excerpts: Antique coin (Bulgaria, 1965) -- Adventure in Marienstadt (Poland, 1954) -- Handful of notes (GDR, 1961) -- Vacation on the Black Sea (Romania, 1963) --My wife wants to sing (GDR, 1958) -- New Years punch (GDR, 1960) -- Wayward wife (Czech., 1965) -- I don't want to marry (Romania, 1961) -- Carnival night (USSR, 1957) -- Jolly Fellows (USSR, 1934) -- Volga, Volga (USSR, 1938) -- Swineherd and the shepherd (USSR, 1941) -- Tractor drivers (USSR, 1939) -- Bright path (USSR, 1940) -- Cossacks of the Kuban River (USSR, 1946) -- At 6PM at the end of the war (USSR, 1944) -- Ernst Thalman, class leader (GDR, 1955) -- Midnight revue (GDR, 1962) -- Lovable white mouse (GDR, 1964) -- Hot summer (GDR, 1968) -- No cheating darling (GDR, 1973) -- Woman on the rails (Czech., 1965). 1999. 79 min.

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