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A Divina Comédia (Divine Comedy) (Portugal / France / Switzerland, 1991)

Directed by Manoel de Oliveira. Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Miguel Guilherme, Luis Miguel Cintra, Mario Viegas, Leonor Silveira, Diogo Doria, Paulo Matos, Jose Wallenstein, Ruy Furtado, Carlos Gomes, Maria Joao Pires. In this symbolic film, all of the inhabitants of a Portuguese mental asylum suffer from religious delusions of one kind or another -- even the cynic who denies the value of any religions at all. One couple re-enacts the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden, a woman plays at being St. Teresa de Avila while another man thinks he's a character from a Dostoyevsky novel, and yet another claims to have in his possession a fifth gospel from the Bible. Each has a special message to impart about the meaning of life and religion. 136 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database