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Diversity Matters: Perspectives Across the Disciplines on Affirmative Action.

Produced and directed by Mary A. Knighton and The Diversity Video Project Group. Professors and students at the University of California, Berkeley share their views on diversity in college student populations, debate definitions of diversity, multiculturalism in higher education and the need for affirmative action programs. Includes a historical look at resistance to affirmative action programs in the University of California college system. Contents: Part l. Present Matters: The Pipeline -- Retention, outreach and mentoring (Berkeley Pledge) -- Measuring diversity: Quotas? Equality of opportunity? Equality of results? -- Political correctness, the "multicultural wars," and affirmative action. -- Part 2. The Past in the present: Strikes against affirmative action: the U.C. Regents' SP-l and SP-2 (1995), and California's Proposition 209 (1996) -- Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1977) -- History 101 -- Gender in diversity. -- Part 3. The future is now: What do you think is the future of affirmative action? -- What would you say to continuing students and prospective students concerned about the educational climate at Berkeley? -- Why does "diversity" matter? 2000. 56 min.