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Roxie Hart (1942)

Director, William A. Wellman. Cast: Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, George Montgomery, Lynne Overman, Nigel Bruce, Phil Silvers, Sara Allgood, William Frawley, Spring Byington. Roxie Hart, an ambitious 1920s showgirl, confesses to a murder just for the publicity. After her husband shoots a burglar in their apartment, Roxie is talked into pretending she did it by a newsman and a theatrical agent who promise to sign her for a vaudeville tour. Realizing she'll become a household name overnight, Roxie agrees and becomes the center of an outrageous trial. Based on a true story.

Sahara (1943)

Directed by Zoltan Korda. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Bennett, J. Carrol Naish, Lloyd Bridges, Dan Duryea, Rex Ingram. An explosive war story about a ragtag battalion stranded in the great African desert, after the fall of Tobruk during World War II. 98 min. Credits and other information from Internet Movie Database

Saludos Amigos (1942)

Disney. Narrator, Fred Shields. Combining live action and animation this is Walt Disney's version of a grand tour of South America, featuring Donald Duck, Goofy and Joe Carioca. Special features: South of the border with Disney featurette, theatrical trailer. 75 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
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Scarlet Street (1945)

Directed by Fritz Lang. Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea, Margaret Lindsay. The story of a middle-aged bookkeeper who gets involved with a femme fatale, her boy friend and murder. , ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Sepia Cinderella (1947)

Directed by Arthur H. Leonard Cast: SheilaGuyse, Billy Daniel, Tondaleyo, FreddieBartholomew, Dick Watson and Brown Doc's, JohnKirty's Band, Leonardo and Zola, Apocs &Estrellita, Welter Fuller's Orchestra. In this allblack cast musical romance a poor dancer mustcompete with a rich lady for the man she loves. Theman, a famous singer, leaves his beloved to pursuehis career and the high life. Eventually hediscovers there is more to life than a place insociety and returns to his singer/girlfriend. 70min.

She Shoulda Said "No!" (aka Wild Weed) (1949)

Director, Sherman Scott. Cast: Alan Baxter, Lyle Talbot, Lila Leeds, Doug Blackley. A "good" girl works day and night as a dancer in Los Angeles to finance her brother's college education. Then a dope peddler enters the picture and casts a cloud of smoke and money around her. When her brother comes home from college and finds out what his sister has been up to to finance his education, he commits suicide. Beset by guilt and T.H.C. as a result, she slips farther down into the pit of marijuana addiction and despair. 70 min.

Son of Ingagi (1940)

Directed by Richard C. Kahn; written by Spencer Williams. Cast: Zack Williams, Laura Bowman, Alfred Grant, Spencer Williams, Daisy Buford. A huge, horrifying ape creature is hidden in the laboratory of a sinster old house. The monster is the creation of Dr. Helen Jackson, a scientist who dabbles in the world of black magic and mysticism. Jackson experiments with a strange potion that transforms the beast-man into a maniacal, uncontrolled killer. Two newlyweds, who are guests in the doctor's home, are soon trapped b ythe hideous creature.

Song of the South (1946)

Directed by Harve Foster and Wilfred Jackson. Walt Disney Productions. On a long-ago Southern plantation, small children listen to the Brer Rabbit stories told by an elderly servant named Uncle Remus. Based on Tales of Uncle Remus by Joe Chandler Harris.91 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database