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Scarface (1932)

Directed by Howard Hawks. Cast: Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, George Raft, Boris Karloff. Drama of the life and death of a Chicago gangster during prohibition in the 1920's. 93 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Banned in five states, including New York and five cities, including Seattle and Chicago, owing to its violence and/or supposed glorification of crime.

She Done Him Wrong (1933)

Director, Lowell Sherman. Cast: Mae West, Cary Grant, Owen Moore, Noah Beery, Gilbert Roland, Louise Beavers. Mae West as Lady Lou, a toug hlady with a heart of gold, who dallys with assorted beaus, becomes entangled in murder, saves a Bowery mission and still has enough energy left to belt out a tune or two! Louise Beavers is featured as Mae West's stereotypically dithery maid and straight woman.

Credits andother information from the Internet Movie Database

Sheik to Sheik (1936)

Directed by Roy Mack. A radio salesman gets knocked out by a golf ball and dreams he's in the desert where he sells radios to sheiks. 22 min. Included on Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Show Boat (1936)

Directed by James Whale. Cast: Irene Dunne, Allan Jones, Charles Winninger, Paul Robeson, Helen Morgan, Helen Westley. A musical which celebrates the loves and heartbreaks of a Mississippi riverboat troupe, starting with a young girl whose heart is stolen by a dashing gambler. Presents timeless songs and an equally timeless outcry against racial bigotry. Includes the memorable performance of Paul Robeson singing "Ol' man river." 110 min.
Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Sinbad the Sailor (1935)

Animated short. Directed by Ub Iwerks. Sinbad battles a band of pirates at sea and on a tropical isle. A giant bird rescues him, and he ends up back on his ship with the pirates' treasure. ; also on Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Song of Freedom (1936)

Directed by J. Elder Wills. Cast: Paul Robeson,Elizabeth Welch, Robert Adams, Orlando Martins,James Solomon, Toto Ware. Robeson portrays asuccessful concert singer in England who discovershe is the descendant of a West African queen whosetribe is now in need of a leader. He returns to thehome of his ancestors; the island of Casanga offthe coast of Africa. However, following his arrivalconflict erupts over his claim to royalty. 80 min.;Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase

Spirit of Youth (1938)

Directed by Harry L. Fraser. Cast: Joe Louis,Edna Mae Harris, Mantan Moreland, Mae Turner,Clarence Muse, The Big Apple Dancers. Worldheavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis stars inSpirit of Youth. Often mistakenly referred to as abiography of Louis, the film is actually thefictional story of aspiring boxer Joe Thomas, whohopes to make millions in the ring. He does, but asa consequence falls into the hands of a predatorynightclub singer. Only after the femme fatalestomps on Joe's heart does he return to hisvirginal childhood sweetheart.