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Dark Manhattan (1937)

Directed by Harry Fraser. Cast: Ralph Cooper,Cleo Herndon, Clarence Brooks, Jess Lee Brooks, SamMcDaniels, Corny Anderson, Rubeline Glover, JamesAdamson. On the tough back streets of Harlem, thugsand crooks fight for control of the numbers racket.One small time hood, 'Curly' Thorpe, is enlisted bythe biggest mob boss in town. Larry B. Lee, to behis protege. Curly takes over the operation,bringing a new level of brutality and greed toLennox Avenue. Beautiful women, fast cars and hardcash are all that Curly cares about, but he stepson the wrong toes to get them. Tougher men thanCurly now want him dead. 70 min. Credits and other information from the Internet MovieDatabase