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Cartoon$ Make a Mint

Five of John Sutherland's classic economic/industrial information films. Contents: Meet King Joe (1949, 10 min.) -- It's everybody's business (1954, 20 min.) -- Going places (1948, 9 min.) -- Make mine freedom (1948, 10 min.) -- Leap frog (aka. Why play leap frog?) (1949, 9 min.).
Meet King Joe: This animated feature presents "King Joe, " as the average American working man who, by virtue of his high wages and short hours, is king of the world's workers. It's everybody's business: Animated film depicting employees and employee rights and the spirit of free enterprise in America. Consumerism, advertising and taxation are covered. Going places: This animated film depicts the growth of business and industry and its effects on the community. Supply and demand, profits and employee working conditions are explored. Make mine freedom: A salesman tries to sell the snake oil of "Ism" to characters emblematic of the four commercial interests of this country: management, labor, politicians and farmers. John Q. Public objects when this "Ism" is taken at face value, and illustrates what would happen to America if we signed over our freedom for all the good things [totalitarian]"Ism" offers. Leap frog: King Joe gets an education on how much material costs really are: not simply the raw material costs, but the cost of labor. The solution to the rising cost of labor is productivity improvement, which gives Joe a brainstorm, his boss a proposal, investors an opportunity and lower prices with higher wages for all!. 58 min.