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Cartoon Collection, V

Cartoons from the 1930s and 1940s showing thepervasiveness of racial and ethnic stereotypes. In additionto cartoons, the video includes sing-alongs, intermissiontrailers and an animated preview of Snow White. Contents:"Any Bonds Today?" (sung by Bugs Bunny)--"Let's Sing withPopeye": Excerpts from the first Popeye cartoon and Popeyesings 'I'm Popeye the sailor man.' -- "Plane Dumb" (Tom andJerry)-- "Porky's Hare Hunt" -- Trailer for "Snow White"--"Minnie's Yoo Hoo" (sung by Mickey Mouse): Sing-a-long tothe lyrics on the screen as Mickey Mouse directs the MickeyMouse Club theme song. --"Little Black Sambo": LittleSambo plays pranks with a dog striped like a tiger. --"Porky's pooch": A hungry mutt barges into Porky Pig'ssuite. His wit and charm fail to move Porky so he threatensto jump off the ledge, tricking Porky into taking him in.-- "Joe Glow the firefly": A firefly with a miner's lightedhelmet explores a camper's tent and the variouspeople-sized items that, from his perspective, aregigantic. -- "Porky's movie mystery": In this parody of the"Mr. Moto" series, a mysterious phantom is causing troubleat the Warner Bros Studios. The police call in Mr. Motto(Porky Pig) to investigate. -- "The Lone Stranger andPorky": When Porky is held up by a villain the LoneStranger comes to his rescue and in the middle of thefight, the Stranger's horse Silver falls in love with thevillains' horse. -- Intermission public serviceannouncement against pay and cable TV plus six ads forpopcorn and candy in the lobby -- "Japoteurs": Earlyanimated Superman episode involving the hijacking of agiant American bomber by Japanese saboteurs. -- "JohnHenry": A cartoon version of the tale of John Henry, thegreat steel-driving worker who competes with a steamdrill. -- "Congo jazz" --"I'll be glad when you'redead you rascal you" (Betty Boop with Louis Armstrong andhis orchestra) -- "Snap Happy" (Little Lulu)-- "Junglejive" (pianist, Bob Zurke).