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Black Toons

Vol. 1: A warning to vandals and hoodlums [theater announcement] -- Trailers for Blackboard jungle,Go, Johnny, go, Rock, rock rock -- Uncle Tom's cabana (1947) -- Uncle Tom's bungalow (1937) -- Mighty Mouse in Eliza on the Ice (1944) -- Coal Black and de sebben dwarfs(1943) -- It happened to Crusoe (1941) -- Pop-Pie ala mode(1945) -- Swing wedding (1937). Bonus selections: Weirdcartoons: Bambi meets Godzilla, Betty Boop in Crazy town;You auto lay an egg ; [excerpt from It's a bird withCharles Bowers] ; Small fry ; Frogland ; Cobweb hotel) ;Munster's TV episode Mar. 18, 1965: Far out, Munsters. Acollection of animated films from the 1930s and 1940s whichfeature caricatures and stereotypes of blacks. Most arevery racist with nasty stereotypes. Some wild rhythm &blues, jazz groups and music parodies. In "Swing Wedding" awild eye'd hipster "shoots-up" with his trumpet valve as ahypo while Fats Waller, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, EthelWaters and the Mills Brothers are impersonated! Vol. 2: The early worm gets the bird(1940) -- September in the rain (1937) -- Jungle Jitters(1938) -- The Isle of Pingo Pongo (1938) -- Life begins forAndy Panda (1939) -- Africa squeaks (1940) -- All this andrabbit stew (1941) -- Have you got any castles (1938) --Goofy groceries (1941) -- Scrub me Mama with a boogie beat(1941) -- Clean pastures (1937) -- Goldilocks and thejivin' bears (1944) A collection of animated films from the1930s and 1940s which feature caricatures and stereotypesof blacks. In September in the rain much of the cartoonfeatures characters in blackface in a satire ofthen-contemporary culture including Al Jolson, Fats Wallerand Louis Armstrong. The Isle of Pingo Pongo is a parody of1930s travelogues full of black stereotypes and swinging"jungle music." In Africa squeaks Porky Pig, Spencer Tracy,Kay Kaiser and Jerry Colonna are swinging with the nativesin "Darkest Africa." In Clean pastures Cab Calloway, DukeEllington, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, The Mills Brothersand others are caricatured doing their part to take swingmusic out of the hands of the devil and use it to savesouls with the magic of jazz and boogie-woogie. Vol. 3: Little black Sambo (1935) --Uncle Tom and Little Eva (1932) -- Fresh hare (1942) --Sunday go to meetin' time (1936) -- Uncle Tom's bungalow(1937) -- Angel puss (944) -- Confederate honey (1940) --Little ol' Bosko and the cannibals (1937) -- Pop-pie a lamode (1945) -- Voodoo in Harlem (1938) -- Tin Pan Alleycats (1943). A collection of animated films from the 1930sand 1940s which feature caricatures and stereotypes ofblacks. In Fresh hare Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny do aminstrel show, complete with black-face. Sunday go tomeetin' time features excellent gospel and jazz music mixedwith black stereotypes. Uncle Tom's bunglow is a spoof ofthe book Uncle Tom's Cabin. Confederate honey is a parodyof "Gone with the Wind," with Elmer Fudd playing Ned Cutler(Rhett Butler in the real movie). Little ol' Bosko and thecannibals features a frog that sounds like Louis Armstrong,plus other frog caricatures of famous black musicians likeFats Waller, Cab Calloway, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinsonportrayed as cannibals! In Pop-Pie al la mode, Popeye isshipwrecked on an island inhabited by cannibals who viewhim as their next meal! Vol. 4: Jasper and the haunted house(1942) -- Bosko shipwrecked (1931) -- The stupidstitiouscat (1947) -- Suddenly it's Spring (1944) -- Porky's ant(1941) -- The lost dream (1949) -- Outdoor indore (1928) --Flop goes the weasel (1934) -- Robinson Crusoe Jr. (1941)-- Talking magpies (1946) -- Swiss cheese family Robinson(1947) -- Ali-Baba bound (1940) A collection of animatedfilms from the 1930s and 1940s which feature caricaturesand stereotypes of blacks. The stupidstitious cat is aparody of the famous "Jack Benny Program" with a black crowplaying the part of "Rochester" (who was black and played astereotypical black role on the Jack Benny Program.) InOutdoor indore Felix joins the circus and travels to India.Flop goes the weasel features a very black stereotype of"Mammy" portrayed by a large hen giving birth to a babychick. Robinson Crusoe Jr. stars Porky Pig against Africannatives. The talking magpies is the first screen appearanceof cartoon characters Heckle and Jeckle. Swiss Cheesefamily Robinson features Mighty Mouse who saves a mousefamily from jungle cannibals. In Ali-Baba bound Porky Pigbattles extremist Muslims; one has a bomb on his head inplace of a turban.