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A Handful of Dust (UK, 1988)

Director, Charles Sturridge. Cast: James Wilby, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rupert Graves, Anjelica Huston, Judi Dench, Alec Guinness. In 1930s England, Tony and Brenda Last and their son, John Andrew, live an idyllic life in the huge Victorian country house that is the symbol of Tony's family pride. The chance arrival of a penniless scrounger irrevocably shatters the gentle balance of their lives as Brenda's search for excitement and Tony's determination to hold on to what is his eventually lead in the direction of divorce and send Tony to South America. Based on the novel by Evelyn Waugh. 113 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database


A Hare Grows in Manhattan (1947)

Bugs Bunny relates his early life in the Manhattan tenements and spotlights his encounter with a gang of canine toughs. ;

A Healthy Baby Girl

Presents the filmmaker's experience of coping with her own hysterectomy at twenty five for cancer caused by her mother's use of D.E.S., a synthetic hormone administered to prevent miscarriage. A film by Judith Helfand. c1996. 57 min.

Reviews and articles:
Aufderheide, Patricia. "Judith Helfand: Secret Stories, Video Diaries, and Toxic Comedy." In: Exile cinema : filmmakers at work beyond Hollywood / Michael Atkinson, editor. Albany : State University of New York Press, c2008. (Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1993.5.D44 E97 2008)

James, Caryn. "A Healthy Baby Girl." (television program reviews) New York Times v146 (Mon, June 16, 1997):B2(N), C14(L), col 3, 22 col in.

A History of Homosexuality in Six Scenes.

Live theater, music and dance sequences concerning various attitudes held throughout history towards homosexuals. Performed at the University of California, Berkeley, on May 13, 1993. 85 min.

A History of Racist Animation

Contents: Film excerpts: Chinese laundry blues --Rasslin' match (Amos n' Andy) -- Hittin' the trail toHallelujah Land -- Pickaninny blues -- Scrub me, mama,with a boggie beat -- All this and rabbit stew --Little Black Sambo -- John Henry -- Jasper in thehaunted house -- Bosko shipwrecked -- Jungle jazz--Robinson Crusoe, Jr. -- Jungle jitters -- Shanty whereSanty Claus lives -- Musical Lulu -- Have you got anycastles? -- Ducktators -- Japoteurs (Superman) --You're a sap, Mr. Jap (Popeye) -- Ali Baba bound --Popeye meets Ali Baba -- Timid toreador -- Porky'sgarden -- Daffy duckaroo -- Molly Moo Cow and theIndians -- Hell bent for election (1944, F.D. Rooseveltpolitical cartoon).
Presents historical commentary and excerpts from across section of cartoons, once seen as harmless, butnow perceived as racist stereotypes. Rare footageincludes "Chinese Laundry Blues" (poking fun at bothChinese and Jews), George Pal's "John Henry," theincredibly racist "Pickaninny Blues," complete withshuffling Negroes being sold on the auction block, aswell as Walter Lantz's "Scrub me, mama, with a boogiebeat," Bosco, Amos n' Andy, Little Black Sambo as wellas American propaganda cartoons from World War II.Consists primarily of excerpts from films originallyissued between 1930-1950.

A Home on the Range: The Jewish Chicken Ranchers of Petaluma.

This quintessentially American story of immigrants tells how a group of Eastern European Jews founded the chicken industry in Petaluma, California. Meet this idealistic and intrepid group through the reminiscences of their descendants, as they confronted obstacles of language and culture in their journey towards becoming Americans. Produced, directed and edited by Bonnie Burt and Judy Montell. 52 min.

A House for Someone Unlike Me.

A film by Bruce Bassett. Documents the architectural design studio led by Ray Lifchez at the University of California, Berkeley as consultants with disabilities work with Lifchez, co-instructor Barbara Winslow and architectural students, in the midst of a creative and reflective design process, illuminated by personal stories of the consultants. Commentary: Raymond Lifchez, Barbara Winslow, Sara Anne Towery, Dennis Heubner, CeCe Weeks, Peter Trier, Cheryl Davis. [United States] : National Center for a Barrier Free Environment ; Boston, Mass. : Adaptive Environments Center, c1984. 38 min.

A Jihad for love

First feature documentary to explore the complex global intersections between Islam and homosexuality ... The film travels a wide geographic arc presenting us lives from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and France. Always filming in secret and as a Muslim, filmmaker Parvez Sharma makes the film from within the faith, depicting Islam with the same respect that the film's characters show for it. Special features (interviews and featurettes): Parvez [Sharma] uncut, Muslim talk show, Traveling "love jihadis," More of Mushin, Tahir's Pakistan, Trans in Turkey, An American Muslim. Director, Parvez Sharma. 2007. 81 min.

A Joking Relationship (!Kung San series)

Examines humor as an important part of institutionalized kinship behavior among the !Kung Bushman. 199-. 13 min.
web web sites:
Description from Documentary Educational Resources catalog

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A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden.

Shows these two klezmer bands both in performance and in the process of re-discovering this traditional music through its Yiddish, Eastern European, and early 20th Century American roots. 75 min.View this video online (via folkstreams.net)

A Kiss to this Land (Un Beso a esta tierra)

In the 1920s and '30s, thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East emigrated to Mexico. Their stories are told through archival photographs, film footage, and contemporary interviews with Jewish octogenarians who describe their journeys and their perception of Jewish life in the new world. Directed by Daniel Goldberg. Dist.: National Center for Jewish Film. 1995. 93 min.

A Knight's Tale (2003)

Director, Brian Helgeland. Cast: Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Rufus Sewell, Paul Bettany, Shannyn Sossamon, Alan Tudyk, Laura Fraser, Christopher Cazenove, Berenice Bejo, James Purefoy. A peasant squire breaks all the rules when he passes himself off as a nobleman and takes the jousting world by storm. The only thing that stands between him and his dream of becoming the world champion is the bad boy of the sport Count Adhemar. The two rivals go lance to head at the world finals to determine who will be named the ultimate champion. 132 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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Ramey, Lynn. "Chaucer's Man Show: Anachronistic Authority in Brian Helgeland's A Knight's Tale." In: Filming the Other Middle Ages Gordonsville, VA: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 (Full-text available online [UC Berkeley users only])

A La Brava: Prison and Beyond.

Considers the ideas and experiences of two Chicano prisoners in Soledad Prison in California. Probes their motivations, ambitions, and insights and discusses their struggle for political, emotional, and cultural survival inside and outside of prison. 1974. 54 min. [Stored at NRLF]

A Lake View.

Examines the environmental problems resulting from the deposition of wastes from nearby residential houses into the Dhanmondi Lake which was excavated in the 60's as part of the Dhaka Urban Development Program. 1997. PAL format. In Bengali. 16 min.

A Lecture on Camouflage (1944)

Using Snafu as an example, Techanical Fairy First Class teaches the methods of effective camouflage.

A Legacy for the Future: Conserving Philippine Biodiversity, the Banahaw, Palapag and Malindang.

Ecology students visit three areas in the Philippines to document the nation's rich biodiversity and to discover some of the reasons why these ecosystems are imperiled. 1997. 32 min.

A Letter to Mother (A brivele der mamen) (Poland / USA, 1938)

Directed by Joseph Green. Cast: Lucy Gehrman, Misha Gehrman, Edmund Zayenda. Set in the Polish Ukraine and New York City, the film traces the break-up of a family due to stress, poverty, the chaos of war and the difficulties of immigrant life. One of the last Yiddish films to be produced in Warsaw, this moving story focuses on one Jewish mother's efforts to keep her family together. "...arguably the most artful and shameless of Yiddish weepies." (J. Hoberman) "Set in the Ukraine before World War I and in New York afterwards, this was one of the last films made in Poland (Warsaw) before the Nazi invasion. Its tale of loss, family disintegration and poverty serves director Joseph Green as a metaphor for the displacements and difficulties facing European Jews in 1939. Lucy Gehrman's performance as the storekeeper-mother, whose heroic attention to the everyday eventually rewards her travails, stands out, as do Max Bozyk and Chane Levin's comic interludes." (National Center for Jewish Film) A wonderful mix of intense melodrama and stylized comedy." 100 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Web sites:
Description from National Center for Jewish Film catalog
Reviews and articles:
Cohen, Joseph. "Two Yiddish films : "East and West" and "A Little Letter to Mother" Jewish Quarterly 46,1 (1999) 53-56
Pevner, Chaim. "Joseph Green, the visionary of the "golden age" In: When Joseph met Molly : a reader on Yiddish film / edited by Sylvia Paskin. Nottingham : Five Leaves, 1999. (Main Stack PN1995.9.Y54.W44 1999)


A Life Apart: Hasidism in America

A life apart relates the story of the creation of the Hasidic post-Holocaust communities in the United States with particular emphasis on New York City. Seven years in the making, this extraordinarily intimate film takes the viewer into the depths of the Hasidim's joyous, sometimes harsh, and often beautiful world. From mystical tales to mesmerizing music, Rebbes to Holocaust survivors, it reveals an insular world few outsiders have seen. A film by Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky. 95 min. Online Access through LFLFC and Kanopy.

A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde, poet and lesbian-feminist talks about being lesbian and black in New York in the 1950s and her social/political activity. Includes conversations and readings by Lorde and comments by other writers and family members. 1996. 56 min. American Library Assn. Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults

A Little Bit of Freedom (Kleine Freiheit) (Germany, 2003)

Director, Yuksel Yavuz. Cast: Cagdas Bozkurt, Leroy Delmar, Nazmi Kirik, Necmettin Cobanoglu, Naci Ozarslan, Susanna Rozkosny, Sunay Girisken, Thomas Ebermann. Baran, a Kurdish teen from Turkey, makes bicycle deliveries for a kebab shop while trying to outwit the authorities who have refused him political asylum. He strikes up a friendship with another outsider, an illegal African immigrant who deals drugs to get by. Trouble begins after Baran loses his low profile status because the kebab-stand owner's daughter sets her sights on him. 97 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Reviews and articles:
Gokturk, Deniz. "Yuksel Yavuz's Kleine Freiheit / A Little Bit of Freedom." Migration, Culture, and the Nation-State Volume 1, Issue 1 2005 Full-text of this article / review is available:
Kraenzle, Christina. "At Home in the New Germany? Local Stories and Global Concerns in Yuksel Yavuz's Aprilkinder and Kleine Freiheit." The German Quarterly Volume 82 Issue 1, Pages 90 - 108 Full-text of this article / review is available:UC Berkeley users only